Diatom Enterprises has more than 13 years of experience in outsource software development with the main focus in Microsoft .NET technology. Diatom started as a small company in 2004 producing high-quality custom software mostly for North American clients. Over the years we have grown to 70 professionals delivering software development services to the clients all over the world. We became Microsoft Certified Partner in 2007, earned the ISO9001 certification recently and continue to work hard to maintain high quality software development services.


We can proudly say that we are experts in ASP.NET, MVC, C#.NETWeborb for .NETADO.NET and Xamarin. Most of our .NET developers are Microsoft certified professionals and they have effectively used .NET in building such projects as: Music Production LibraryDigital Library of Latvian National LibraryFile and Document Storage SystemLatvian Government Archive SystemElectronic Signature for Microsoft LatviaOnline DSA Training SystemSocial Web Portal.

Technology Overview

The .Net, also known as the .NET Framework, was software designed by Microsoft for the Microsoft run operating systems. The .NET allows several computer languages to run on it and therefore makes it easy for different computer languages present in the .NET library to use each other’s codes. The basic function of .NET is that the programmers can use the myriad of computer languages in collaboration with their own codes to make programs and applications. However so, the main computer language for .NET remains C#, the language that provided the basis for Visual Basic.

.NET was a strategy by Microsoft to create a platform for Web enthusiasts who were just starting out. Since it caters to almost everybody, even a layman, the .NET provides a user-friendly interface with its data access, ease in the connectivity of database, web application development, algorithms and network connection and establishment. The .NET is Microsoft’s way to develop programs and basically creates and runs everything that Microsoft does.

Internet programming was previously done in languages of yester years such as C and C++ which was then rivalled by Java. Java was an attempt by Sun Microsoft System to make internet programming extremely user-friendly by developing the C++ language. However, Microsoft had difficulties working with this language and therefore decided to formulate something on its own. Since anyone using Java for Internet programming had to write the whole program in Java only, Microsoft gave it a competition by providing to the world, multiple language user interfaces.

The multiple language user interface, provides users with a plethora of options to write their codes in and anyone who has a program developed in another language can start working with .NET since the languages are interoperable. The .NET framework also guarantees memory management such as freeing up and allocating memory to programs and security with all the programming codes as well as keeping it protected from malicious virus. The .NET helps in activities such as web browsing which includes servers and web-based data storage. The .NET provides for increased interaction with its XML interface compared with the dull HTML interface. .Net also provides for an online service whereby customers can access and get products and services delivered from a central location online. This is required for the management of applications like email. It also offers a central location for data storage that increases accessibility and synchronizes all information while integrating different communication mediums like emailing and telephone.

Microsoft is working on establishing a better .NET platform as it has been established that the use of .NET not only increase efficiency but also productivity as programming errors are reduced substantially. The latest versions of Windows supports .NET framework but the previous versions require updates from online sources which receives criticisms because of the large size of the file. Updating, therefore, becomes time-consuming while user friendliness increases because of the multiple language capabilities inbuilt in the Windows operating system.

Diatom Enterprises provides offshore .NET development services for a wide range of industries and companies around the world. If you are looking for experienced and trusted .NET developers for hire you can stop looking now. Reach out and let’s put your project on track with us!