Evgueny Lemasov

Chief Operating Officer

Only then can we continue to build additional development teams. In this way, we will continue to evolve to solve your technical needs as the world brings you new challenges.

I remember when one of my professors told us that we could tour the university’s new computer and after doing so he asked if any of us wanted to learn to work on it. I was fascinated and jumped in with both feet. At that time I had no awareness where that decision would take me and I am still excited about the future.
My first serious computer program happened in 1994. It was a C++ program to calculate radio-electronic schema based on Switched Capacitors.

I chose the most complicated Diploma theme in my University. My first commercial work experience was Clipper 5.2 and C++. Then like today I have always been driven to step far beyond my comfort zone. Life is short and it should be far more than full!

20 years of Software Engineering later, I am responsible for Cloud-based applications, SaaS solutions and work processes in a 50 person company. I love what I do and am still intrigued by my everyday choices in our constantly evolving, Software Engineering world. Our industry still offers impossible challenges to master! Now that I am getting older in the cycle of life, teaching and leadership has also come to my challenges. It is my responsibility to help those who have come behind me to excel in their careers, so they too can provide a high quality of life to their families.

Today, Evgueny is our COO and an owner in our firm. He has and continues to powerfully move our organization in providing ever-higher levels of excellence. Additionally, he and Slava supervise the Development Team Leaders offering guidance, instructing, and standing guard that there are no compromises in Quality Control.

Since 2002 Evgueny started working at the International level delivering projects for American, German, and English clients. Evgueny has designed custom software for railways, wood industry, financial sector, telecommunication, online training and education systems, realty, and public community area.

Additionally, perhaps you would like to know, accounting applications under DOS for an IBM PC occupied his attention in 1995, and soon after he was able to prove the need to develop and invent in the first Windows-based system for the Latvian National Railways. Following was years of experience in working with databases from DBase to DB2, MS SQL, languages and development environments from Borland Delphi and C++ Builder and Microsoft .NET.

Outside of his professional world, Evgueny has a big family, travels widely, plays ice hockey and enjoys an active lifestyle.

When you are under Evgueny’s care you can breathe deeply and sleep soundly!