Web Services

Diatom Enterprises is a Web service development company is an expert in Web service. Company’s Web service developers widely used Web service in developing such projects as File and Document Storage System, Online DSA Training System, Social Web Portal. Diatom Enterprises Company provides offshore flex development as well as offshore flash development services … Continue reading


Diatom Enterprises provides offshore ADO.NET development services for a wide range of industries and companies around the world. If you are looking for experienced and trusted ADO.NET developers for hire you found the best. Initially, the ADO was used to extract data efficiently from a database. This was when ADO 1.0 was established and … Continue reading


Custom XML, XSLT, SQLXML software development Relation data and XML have three environments available for manipulation in Microsoft visual studio. The options include classes in the system.xml namespace, SQLXML class and the XML-data type packed in SQL Server. The services of XML support were included in the Microsoft SQL Server in order to provide users … Continue reading


InfoPath is Microsoft’s forms app that is electronic. It has recently been ranked as one of Office’s top editions, to be specific, top three. The app makes it possible to submit forms after filling them in through email while at the same time making publishing forms onto a web server possible. It also permits … Continue reading


ActionScript is an object-oriented language for programming that is very essential and powerful in the runtime of flash player capabilities. The language is ideal for developing rich online applications and it has grown to become the driver behind internet experiences. The programming language has advanced the programming languages by offering fast performance and simplified development, … Continue reading

Health Level 7

Diatom Enterprises was involved in the development process for Latvian National level e-Health system which was based on HL7 standard. We have developed an innovative and efficient approach to work with 3rd party external web services based on HL7 interfaces. Senior Software developers of our company got a good HL7 standard expertise … Continue reading