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Since the year 2004, our business has been custom software development

We are a Latvia based custom outsource software development company producing software for a wide variety of industries.

We are proficient in:

.NET, React, Angular, PHP, Node, Ruby on Rails, Java and other technologies.

We offer Web, Mobile and Desktop development.

We help you to capitalize the strength of your business individuality.

Diatom Enterprises Team

Diatom Enterprises Team at work

Diatom Enterprises was founded in 2004 by Information Technology consultants with years of commercial experience in US and Canada.

Since that time our team has grown to 80 full-time developers on board and more than 1000 on call.

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We are a custom software development company that has been on the market for the last 19 years. Our company is managed on daily basis by its owners who are all software developers with decades of international experience in IT. We love what we do and we do it well. I could say that this is our motto.

Thank you again for your interest in our company and please feel free to reach out to us.

Gleb Barkov

Glebs Barkovs,

22 Mar 2023
Financial Software to Improve Payment Processing

Financing, just like any other industry, tends to have problems with its software. But some of these problems occur more often than others and have a noticeable impact on...

10 Jan 2023
Diatom Enterprises - Top Employers of the Year!

Our team at Diatom Enterprises is proud to announce that we received an award for being one of the best employers in Latvia in 2022!

Certified Quality
Microsoft Partner
Development on Blazor

Web apps development on Blazor. A relatively new concept, Blazor (Browser + Razor) is gaining popularity. One of its most appealing features...

Certified Quality
Microsoft Partner

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Diatom Enterprises


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18 yrs

in business




English-speaking and highly skilled developers


years the longest lasting contract


realty listings made available in the USA using our custom software


logistic shipments in EU processed with our bespoke software


Latvian nation-wide projects


Latvia ranked in Baltics by internet speed


Diatom Enterprises Industry Expertise


“I have known Denis and Diatom professionally and personally for nearly ten years. His company has done professional work for us on two occasions. The work was done on time, on budget, and to a North American professional standard.”

“Diatom Enterprises were able to provide the combination of R&D, consultancy and outsourcing services that we needed. They were very professional, well organized and always performed their duties on time and of high quality.”

“In my experience Diatom engineers display a high degree of professionalism and I am proud to have recommended them. Without them, Jiff would not have a successful long- term strategy. I will continue to recommend Diatom for their services and will look forward to working with them on future projects.”

“Diatom built two small but very critical software tools for us. They worked on day-one and have worked since. They are now old and outmoded but still working. When the environment around them changed, Diatom has been responsive, quick and generous in their response to my request to make adjustments to the code to fit the new environment.”

“After evaluating all of our suppliers and their performances, I was positively surprised about the responsible attitudes, precise observations regarding our specifications, and the orientation of teamwork from Diatom Enterprises’ professionals.”

“Diatom is a pleasure to do business with. They do high quality work, are highly motivated, and self-managing, with tools, processes, experience and good people. They work hard to make the time difference disappear and are very flexible on scheduling. Estimates have been realistic and dependable.”

“Today we are energized by the quality of workmanship and professionalism of Diatom. We set for them a very difficult task of cleaning up someone else’s mess, and they’ve come through, giving us renewed energy and confidence.”

“Working with Diatom has been a great experience. This was our first time outsourcing any of our development, and it has been nothing less than amazing.”

“I recommend without hesitation to anyone who is looking for highly competent and agile team for bespoke software design and development.”

“Our Diatom’s team was very professional, cooperative, and was highly motivated for maximum client satisfaction. Their recommendations were always in our best interest.”

“I will definitely recommend Diatom Enterprises to anyone who has software development needs. Their staff has been in par, if not better, than the onshore developers that we have had at RealtyTrac.”

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