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Vue.js: Create web table for 30 minutes

Diatom Enterprises team demonstrates the example of development web grid using vue.js framework

Online whiteboard on ReactJS for math tutoring

Due to the current COVID-19 limitations, the topic of how to explain the subtleties of teaching mathematics remotely to students becomes actual. Our developers created a Proof – of concept of an interactive online whiteboard based on React JS and Pusher that solves this problem. The board has a number of handy tools, such as: * Write by hand as well as type text and formulas; * Draw and move straights and geometric shapes; * Work with coordinate axes and points in Cartesian space; The main purpose of this library is to help online training platform developers to scale up their product features and simplifier daily routines for teachers, students and parents....

Flash to HTML5 migration examples

Diatom Enterprises is a custom software development company focused on enabling your IT projects in various business areas, for example, please see our software developers who have Flash to HTML5 project’s migration experience...

Tips on working from home/remotely

For us, being a custom software development company, those processes are not new, we have employees working both in office and remotely, but this year and specifically COVID-19 situation made an impact on the whole world. Now it is a hot topic on whether to keep an office or...

Hiring dedicated developers / programmers and teams

If you want to hire a development team for your project, we suggest organizing a meeting in which you will discover our level of competence and experience on similar projects. In accordance with your requirements, we will...

Diatom Enterprises Proud to be Named on Clutch 1000

Clutch recommended Diatom Enterprises as one of the best software development and IT consulting company.

True history explaining what robot Pepper can do and what sh...

Artificial intelligence is invading our life. The revelation of robot Pepper potential through custom software and how it will affect the future development of the AI industry....

Front-End web developer: Freedom to Change CSS Framework

Two simple principles are: Develop code that lets browsers themselves do most of the work, do not to try over-style each text, input, button item, all of the other elements and keep it as simple as possible!...

ExpoKit – The best solution for developing a mobile app

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly technically complex, with features like Touch ID and Face ID. For this, Expo has created middleware between native modules and its own platform. Let’s take a look inside ExpoKit....

Custom Accounting Software Development

The team with unique experience in development of custom accounting software and financial systems from one side and the most modern technologies from another side.

3 reasons to work with a dedicated team for your Startup pro...

If you are uncertain about getting a dedicated development team for your startup or midsized company, here are three benefits that may convince you. 

7 Latvian IT achievements from the last 100 years  

Latvia will celebrate its centenary on November 18, 2018. In this article we describe some of the IT accomplishments Latvia has achieved in these last 100 years.