ActionScript is an object-oriented language for programming that is very essential and powerful in the runtime of flash player capabilities. The language is ideal for developing rich online applications and it has grown to become the driver behind internet experiences. The programming language has advanced the programming languages by offering fast performance and simplified development, in line with high tasking applications, reusable codes and oriented objects.

The language offers developers a superb performance and excellent production of applications that use Flash Player. The language is guided by ECMAScript, which is the international standardized scripting language. ActionScript-execution is by the use of ActionScript-Virtual machine (AVM) enabled in the flash player. The language uses AVM2 with high optimization and this enables faster execution of the application, unlike earlier languages that used AVM1. The language basic programming goals are a type of safety that enables developers to write codes, which are easy to maintain. The language also offers simplicity for developers by enabling them to write and read programs without the use of reference manuals.

ActionScript language is compatible with previous and later technologies with an overlap of the programming languages. The language development is made up of two distinctive parts, which are the core language and API Flash Player. The core language is definitive in basic-building blocks and it covers expressions, statements, conditions, types and loops of the language. API Flash Player, on the other hand, provides classes needed to access specific functions of a Flash Player.

ActionScript features that increase the performance include the expression support that is responsible with various text operations. It also has EMAScript XML that is used in transforming XML to another data type and this simplifies the processing of XML. The language new feature of display list ensures a consistent and straightforward working environment with visual objects. The language application runtime facilitates the application’s communication with the use of DOM standardized event model.

ActionScript has various exceptions in runtime for error conditions that are common. The language has an improved debugging experience and it enables applications for fast error handling. The language with the help of stack traces enables pinpointing of run time errors easily. Runtime type error checking is done by the Flash Player, improving the safety of the system type. Variables are also represented by type information on the native machines and this improves the performance and reduces the memory use.

ActionScript-based language has a sealed class that is made of fixed set properties and methods defined during compile-time. The Flash platform has created a range of tools to be used in the creation and manipulation of graphical contents. The tools include Flash runtime display API that is used in interacting with bitmaps, vector content and visual objects. It also has an advanced collection of customizable user interface tools called Ready-made user interface components.

Developing different projects over the years our outsource software development team used ActionScript in so many of them, for example, DSA Training System and others.