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A web service is a programming interface between applications which uses the HTTP features. The service can be carried on remote computers and requires a communication interface to be established between a web server and a web service. Web service is defined as an interaction between one machine and another over an established network. The messages are featured in HTTP in collaboration with XML. Web services are generally used by businesses to communicate with each other and with their clients, the integrity of the data is maintained as are the validation process.

A Web service is a technical term for the passport authentication services provided by websites. Just as people use websites and sign in on them using their username and password, a service running on another server may ask the user to use the same authentication to register to these applications. The applications can be inbuilt or perhaps can be different like Hotmail and MSN messenger; however, both use the same passport authentication. The basics of web services are simple, the web services is a means of creating validation for the user.

A business that has regular online transactions has to deal with customers who input their credit card numbers. The credit card numbers need to be validated, therefore the business has to get in contact with all the banks and create a database for itself for ease of validation. However, acquiring this data is time-consuming and costly and therefore writing complex code for this purpose would also be difficult given the permutations of credit card numbers that are in circulation around the world. The business will have to make a wise decision and look for someone who provides a web service. After finding a company involved with web services, the business will have to look into the web service definition which is usually written in an XML syntax developed for web services. After finding service, the web services can be used to write codes that will be used for every credit card validation possible.

However, web developers who are not satisfied with outsourced work may use the development frameworks that are widely available. These use the SOAP and XML features, however, the use of XML in web services is criticized. Using XML means that XML messages are present in large file sizes and therefore transferring of this data becomes a difficult task. Also, the web services require a constant and stable connection between the web server and web service and using remote computing machines can create a bottleneck. Web services are provided by a few companies only and therefore for individual web developers to come up to par and providing services in the web services field will take time. Online businesses need to realize that the validation process is very important to maintain a credible customer base and therefore, even though the physical structural costs may not be present, investing in web services is costly especially since there are only a few who provide web services.

The service can be carried on remote computers and requires a communication interface to be established between a web server and a web service…