So why Elixir + Phoenix?

There are times when a project’s requirements can’t be handled by a language you are accustomed to. In our case, we needed an efficient way to handle real-time messaging with huge amounts of traffic. Obviously, Ruby is not really suited for this, and we started to look in other directions. One of the most promising … Continue reading

Switching from C# to Elixir – a programmer’s story

Sometimes programmers need to change the language they use for software development. Whatever the reason – requirements of the project or simple curiosity – this process can be difficult, especially if the new language is radically different in terms of syntax and paradigm. Recently I had to make the switch from my favourite language, C#, … Continue reading

Diatom Launches Elixir Link Sharing Platform

For more than half a year a group of our Developers has been researching Elixir programming language. Now here at Diatom, we strongly believe that Elixir is “The Next Big Thing” so we’ve decided to give our community a boost and create a link sharing platform. “So, how is this platform different from other platforms … Continue reading

Observer pattern in 3 languages – Ruby, C# and Elixir

The goal of this article is to show the differences in thinking that arise when you develop your application design using different languages and language paradigms. We will have a dynamic object-oriented language (Ruby), static object-oriented language (C#) and functional actor model-based dynamic language (Elixir). I may speculate that this might be interesting to people who … Continue reading