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Since 2004, the main service we offer is the development of web applications. We have used the Angular Framework since as far back as 2010.

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What is Artificial Intellegence Integration Services

Besides the widely known OpenAI, the software development market features a whole spectrum of new and interesting AI products. Even before their official release into the custom software production market, our company was already testing and developing artificial intelligence analogs capable of recognizing people’s faces and speech. In short, the integration of dozens of AI products into existing IT systems is what constitutes AI Integration Services

Why Diatom Enterprises & Artificial Intellegence Systems Integration?

Since the founding of our company in the distant year of 2004, we have diligently invested 10% of all resources into our research department. One of the main activities of the department was the search and implementation of the most promising and new technologies available in the world of custom software development. If such technologies did not yet exist, we conducted research both independently and in collaboration with higher education institutions in Latvia – TSI and RTU. One of the main directions was always systems related to artificial intelligence (AI).

One of our first products was a system for training students in complex European driving exams, based on AI. Then we acquired a product from Japanese and French engineers – the Pepper robot. In this project, we spent quite a lot of effort implementing AI systems for recognizing speech and people’s faces. Our project was used in the Radisson hotel chain as well as in the business lounge areas of Riga Airport.

Since 2022, we have started using the powerful tool in the form of chatGPT and OpenAI. These very popular and powerful systems have allowed us to significantly increase the number of successful solutions released by our programmers. Among them are systems for automatic code testing, analysis systems, AI-based systems for marketing and legal translations, etc. Currently, more than 10 engineers specializing in AI technologies are working in our company.

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Facts about Diatom Enterprises

  • We are from Latvia – European Union
  • We are 70 Software Developers
  • All our C-Level Team is Software Developers
  • 80% our Customers are from US and Canada

AI Services and Integration team

AI Frameworks in Use by our Team

Artificial Intellegence Areas of Expertise

Diatom Team proposes AI Development Services to us in various systems like:

  1. Online Education and Training Systems
  2. ERP Systems
  3. Customer Management Systems
  4. Code Automation Systems

AI based examples of Projects done by Diatom Enterprises

Integration of the open ai and chatGPT

The system performs a code review process and creates unit tests.

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AI Services and Integration ID

The largest Private Community Club in Florida

Verification and Security, KYC systems, Analytics and prognosis, Press releases validation, and Communication with more than 20,000 clients.

Testimonials from our customers

“Today we are energized by the quality of workmanship and professionalism of Diatom. We set for them a very difficult task of cleaning up someone else’s mess, and they’ve come through, giving us renewed energy and confidence.”
Director and Business Manager of Third Wave Media, Australia

Diatom Enterprises as an Outsourcing AI Development Services Company

If you would like to collaborate, here at Diatom Enterprises we offer AI Development Services for various industries. We are the most proficient AI development company in Latvia, with more than 20 years of software development experience and countless successful projects.

Please contact us, so we can discuss our future partnership and provide you with a free estimation of your AI Integration project!