AI Development Services

We are a Latvian AI development company specializing in developing AI solutions. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art services to help you implement artificial intelligence systems, which will allow you and your clients to automate routine processes and enhance business intelligence

AI Development Services

Diatom offers Artificial Intelligence Development Services

Many things in our world have changed, haven’t they? Diatom offers its services for the implementation of AI-related systems in your business. Below we present the range of services.

  • Apply the code to use open AI and chatGPT tools for your business
  • Face recognition Systems Integration Services
  • Setup Smart AI Assistants and Chatbot
  • AI Product Development Services
  • AI Security
  • Standalone LLM models and using it in your in protected area
  • Computer Vision and OCR

Why Diatom Enterprises & Artificial Intelligence Systems Integration?

Why Diatom Enterprises & Artificial Intelligence Systems Integration

We are a Latvian company that can provide you with unique AI specialists who will work with you on an individual basis and can not only help you with meeting your requirements but also advise you in areas where consultation is needed. Diatom Enterprises team work in collaboration with higher education institutions in Latvia – TSI and RTU.

Custom software development has always resembled Artificial Intelligence, even if it wasn’t always called that. Back in 2010, we implemented a system for planning and distributing orders for a major Swedish logistics company. However, at that time, the main decision-maker remained a human. Now, AI can successfully make decisions based on history and statistics about which order will be most efficiently sent by which supplier. Another example of AI applications has always been OCR systems that recognized data in documents received from tens of thousands of clients.

Artificial Intelligence allows for more efficient use of the most valuable thing we have – human resources.

Facts about Diatom Enterprises

  • We are from Latvia – European Union
  • We are 70 Software Developers
  • All our C-Level Team is Software Developers
  • 80% our Customers are from US and Canada

Facts about Diatom Enterprises

AI Development Services Skills

AI Frameworks in Use by our Team

Artificial Intelligence Areas of Expertise

  1. Online Education and Training Systems
  2. ERP Systems
  3. Customer Management Systems
  4. Code Automation Systems

AI based examples of Projects done by Diatom Enterprises

Face Recognition Project

Robot Pepper and research for the Radisson Hotel PMS system

Face Recognition Project
OCR Document Parsing systems

OCR Document Parsing systems

Convert Scanned Documents into Editable, Searchable Text Effortlessly!

AI based Supplier selection

For the Logistic and Freight Forwarding

AI based Supplier selection for the Logistic and Freight Forwarding

Testimonials from our customers

“Today we are energized by the quality of workmanship and professionalism of Diatom. We set for them a very difficult task of cleaning up someone else’s mess, and they’ve come through, giving us renewed energy and confidence.”
Director and Business Manager of Third Wave Media, Australia.

Diatom Enterprises as an Outsourcing AI Development Services Company

If you would like to collaborate, here at Diatom Enterprises we offer AI development services for various industries. We are the most proficient AI  development company in Latvia, with more than 20 years of software development experience and countless successful projects

Please contact us, so we can discuss our future partnership and provide you with a free estimation of your project!