Dynamically Compile Stylesheets with Rails and Sass

One of the latest challenges that I had, was to create “Custom style sheets for each user” that user can generate to style his page. This blog post will be right about how I managed it and what “underground rocks” I faced. Basic Setup First of all, we need some basic test app before we … Continue reading

A brief overview of Ruby hash

This will be a brief overview of the hash data structure, how it is implemented and how it can be manipulated in Ruby. What is a Hash? A Hash is a data structure that organizes data in key-value pairs. It is also referred to as a dictionary or associative array. These properties of a hash … Continue reading

Using Neo4j with Ruby on Rails

First of all, what is Neo4j? To sum this up, Neo4j is an open-source NoSQL graph database implemented in Java and Scala. It’s development started on 2003, but it got available as an open source database only in 2007. You can see it on GitHub. Neo4j is one of the market leading graph databases, you … Continue reading