Design and Business Processes

There are a lot of different approaches to doing design in the digital and software fields. Some companies allow designers to communicate with clients directly, so they can explore all of the client’s business processes on their own and create design templates based on the information they receive from the client. Some companies have project … Continue reading

UX Design and Usability Testing

In design development, it’s always important to understand which of your decisions are right and which are wrong. It is crucial to test and get feedback about your designs from real users. In this scenario, it can be very helpful to use different usability methodologies and tools that will help identify design problems and solve … Continue reading

Give life to your static app design using Micro-Interactions Animations

If you want to create a user-friendly design for your application and attract more customers to your project, try to add more motion to your design. Entertain your customers with engaging and dynamic user-interface using different Micro-Interaction effects. Create the best user experience for your app by adding Micro-Interactions to your design. Interaction Design What … Continue reading