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Custom Software Development for Healthcare Industry

The modern healthcare industry is focused on improving the quality of life by enhancing people’s overall health. Healthcare software provides the vital aid in this process by helping medical institutions, insurance providers, and other industries to deliver top-notch solutions that improve our population’s well-being, be it physical, mental or emotional.

Diatom has had hands-on experience in helping medical and insurance organizations by providing them custom-developed healthcare software.

Please find an overview of our capabilities below:

Healthcare solutions

  • 01.

    Healthcare Web Systems

    Government or private sector medical portals including client-side and server-side functionality.

  • 02.

    CRM for Hospital Management

    Management of patients and doctors through one custom developed solution.

  • 03.

    Mobile Applications

    Mobile applications for patients with appointment tracking functionality, medical analysis receival, etc.

  • 04.

    Software Optimization

    Existing software optimization and improvement of working processes.

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