MYSQL Database Management System

MYSQL database is the most used database management system because of its reliability, performance, and simplicity in use. The software is compatible with over 20 systems platforms, which ensures flexibility of use on different operating environments. The software also provides a large library of tools, training, and support and consultation services to its users.


The software is a database management system that carries large amounts of data and information. The software is also used in adding, accessing, and processing of data kept in the database. The software also manages relational databases stored in different tables. This ensures the work output is fast and easy to manage. The software is developed on the policy of ANSI/ISO SQL, which the standard query language. The software is available for use by everyone because it is open software readily available for downloads from internet free.

MYSQL database server is used to manage large data sets because of its enhanced features that make speed, connectivity and security achievement possible. The software also relates well with client servers or on embedded systems. The software has a multi-thread server which, support several backs ends, client programs and libraries, wide range application and administrative tools. The software also allows an embedded multi-thread library that can be linked with an application to get a standalone product that is small, fast and easy to manage. The software also supports different languages used in servers and hence globally used.

MYSQL database system is written in C and C++ programming languages and has been tested on various compilers. The software 2005 and recent versions use CMake for portability feature while earlier versions use GNU Automake, LIBtool and Autoconf. The software memory is tested with a purifying that is a leakage detector and with Valgrind. The software also uses multi-layered design with modules, which are independent. The software is multi-threaded with kernel threads to enhance multiple CPUs use.

The software also has two storage engines that are transactional or nontransactional storage engines. MYSQL database system is designed with the flexibility of adding more storage engines for in-house database interface. The software also uses B-tree tables that are fast with index compression known as MYISAM. The software memory allocation is very fast with the use of a thread-based memory. The software also uses an optimized nest loop to facilitate fast data execution. The software also uses memory harsh tables in its implementation. The software also uses a separate program in the client based-environments. The software supports many types of data that include signed and unsigned integers, 8 bytes and OpenGIS spatial types.

The software also supports both fixed-length and variable types of strings. The software also supports a full operator and function support with the SELECT list and WHERE clause queries. The software enhances security with the use of password and privileges with host-based verification.

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