Docker Containerization

Back story A few years ago, I started working with Node.js applications. Recently, I was assigned to an existing project. When I opened the Readme file, I found out that at least five applications had to be downloaded in order for the project to start working: Node.js, Image Magic, Gulp, Postgress, create default database and … Continue reading

Internal TechMeeting on Docker

Almost every month Diatom organizes Technical Meetings (or TechMeetings), where our developers talk about new technologies, what they learned recently and how it can be applied to current projects, and what problems or solutions have been recently discovered. Alexander Semionov, our Technical Lead, before the presentation about Docker Last week we held a TechMeeting dedicated to … Continue reading

Diatom representatives attended Workshop “Dockerization”

On July 2nd, 2016, four Diatom representatives attended a workshop “Dockerization” featuring Docker –  an open platform for developers. The workshop was organized by GDG Riga and it was attended by about 25 developers with different level of expertise from various Latvian companies.

Kubernetes + Docker for your deployments

As a developer, sometimes you need to do server maintenance, manage deployments and figure out the architecture from a server standpoint. In the Ruby world usually, people tend to go for Capistrano, an application server and a database server. Sometimes DB server and App server are located on one machine. It might be fine for … Continue reading