SQL is very important in the writing of all types of data related applications. To keep a good database, it is necessary to have an analysis of systems so as to be sure of performance. It provides great levels of language standards that once encoded in multiple statements; one can never be able to … Continue reading


Custom XML, XSLT, SQLXML software development Relation data and XML have three environments available for manipulation in Microsoft visual studio. The options include classes in the system.xml namespace, SQLXML class and the XML-data type packed in SQL Server. The services of XML support were included in the Microsoft SQL Server in order to provide users … Continue reading

MYSQL Database Management System

MYSQL database is the most used database management system because of its reliability, performance, and simplicity in use. The software is compatible with over 20 systems platforms, which ensures flexibility of use on different operating environments. The software also provides a large library of tools, training, and support and consultation services … Continue reading

Diatom’s team finished new iPhone application for quiz lovers

Diatom Enterprises developed Trivia Club, a game for iPhone users with super fun and interesting questions from various areas of our wonderful life. This application is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The project was developed using C#, JavaScript, SQL and such technologies as Visual Studio 2010, AJAX, MS Framework 4.0, TFS, Credit Card Processing and SMS Billing, Statistical … Continue reading