RAR-recommended Software development company

RAR-Recommended Software Development Company

We got it! We are proud to announce that Diatom Enterprises has earned a RAR recommendation in the 2018 RAR Digital Awards and was selected as one of the best companies that offer software development services.

The RAR-recommended Software development company

What does it mean to be a RAR-recommended company?

As stated on their website, the Recommended Agency Register (RAR) is a service provided by The Drum to help brands choose agencies based on ratings. Only the agencies that are the most highly rated by clients are recognized by the RAR Awards.

The RAR helps users search companies in their area and make a shortlist of relevant agencies to work with, saving valuable time that could have been lost in the searching process.

The RAR searches the ratings of past and current clients, drawing special attention to client reviews and their related experience working with agencies. The RAR helps businesses choose the best agencies to cooperate with by making them aware of the agencies’ service quality.

Thanks to our clients!

Diatom Enterprises has offered custom software development services since 2004, and we work hard with our team to get clients’ satisfaction and see happy faces.

We would like to send a massive thanks to our amazing clients who visited the RAR website and rated us highly. We understand the importance of your reviews and will continue to work hard to improve our processes and service quality.