Internship opportunities for TSI students at Diatom Enterprises

Diatom Enterprises and Latvian Transport and Telecommunication University (TSI) have signed a collaboration agreement wherein Diatom invites TSI students to apply for an internship with further collaboration opportunities.

Collaboration agreement signed by Diatom Enterprises and TSI

Diatom Enterprises is a Latvia-based custom outsourced software development company producing software for a wide variety of industries. We are proficient in JavaScript, React, AngularJS, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, .NET and other technologies and offer web, mobile and desktop development.

Currently we welcome students from TSI with minimum knowledge in any of the above-mentioned technologies to join Diatom with the opportunity to work together in the future. We worked collaboratively with Riga Technical University on the summer internship program “Prove yourself in summer” and would like to continue this awesome tradition with Transport and Telecommunication University to help young talent experience a real working atmosphere among IT gurus.

Diatom gives the interns an opportunity not only to observe the working process of a software development team, but also to get acquainted with everything we do. The interns are given responsibilities to create IT solutions for the projects and programs we work on, and their contribution to our work is taken into account for future collaboration.

We believe that our cooperation with Transport and Telecommunication University will assist the future career opportunities of IT students and open new doors for additional projects with TSI.

Students are welcome to send their CV to

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