Zuora platform to power your subscription business

Subscription Billing

Complete Billing & Payments

Z-Billing is the world’s first recurring billing platform designed for subscription businesses of all sizes across any industry. Whether you’re a new company just getting going with your first monthly subscription service, or an enterprise with hundreds of products and complex recurring and usage-based pricing, Zuora’s subscription billing platform has you covered.

Plan-Based Product Catalog

The key to a successful subscription service is pricing flexibility. Whether you’re tackling new product lines and customer segments or responding to customer needs or competitive threats, Zuora’s billing solution gives you the tools you need to price your service the right way. You can define different recurring billing periods: get paid up-front or space it out monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can combine one-time, recurring, and usage-based pricing models. You can set up free trials, offer discounts and launch promotions. And you can even release pricing plans in any currency around the globe.

Subscription Order Life Cycle

In the Subscription Economy, you need to manage your customers as they progress from free or entry-level services into premium offerings over their lifetime. That means you need more than a “Buy” button. You need a “Renew” button, an “Upgrade” button, and an “Add-On” button. With Zuora’s billing platform, you’ve got the tools to manage ever-changing customer subscriptions. Place new orders as well as create add-on’s, upgrades, renewals, or suspensions…all with complete visibility into how each subscription has evolved over time so you know what’s working and who is most valuable.

Powerful Recurring Billing & Rating Engine

With sophisticated pricing plans and ever-changing subscriptions and terms, billing management can be a nightmare for the finance department. Z-Billing makes it all a snap. Not only can you calculate one-time and recurring charges, but even sophisticated usage-based and in arrears charges are easy. And when subscriptions change, even pro-ration and charge alignments happen automatically. You can finally stop sending out 3 different invoices to each customer and trust that your numbers will be right. And when it’s time to invoice, you can process them thousands at a time, or do it on-demand, one at a time as your customers need it.

Sophisticated Customer Management

Whether you’re selling to consumers, to small businesses, or to large enterprises, Zuora gives you the tools you need to easily manage your recurring billing and payments details. Set up customer account hierarchies to model everything from consumer households to departments in multi-national corporations. And give your customers the flexibility they need to aggregate subscriptions, usage, invoices and payments at the ‘parent’ account, distribute them across the ‘child’ accounts, or mix and match in any way that they demand.

Payment Gateway Ecosystem

Payment Gateway Ecosystem

Of course, billing your customers is only half of the equation. You also need to manage payments. And not just one-time payments, but high-volume, recurring payments…all without skipping a beat. Z-Billing has you covered. Not only is Zuora PCI Level 1 compliant so you can safely store credit card information, but we’ve made the invoice-to-cash process simple. Store payment profiles, create customized payment notifications, manage re-try logic, and track payments, credits, and refunds. Z-Billing works with almost any payment type from credit cards, to PayPal, to tokenized transactions, to ACH. And we’ve partnered with an entire ecosystem of payment gateway providers to help you process your recurring payments, including Authorize.net, Chase Paymentech, Verify, and Litle & Co.

Subscription Metrics & Reporting

Subscription businesses operate with a fundamentally different business model than the traditional manufacturing-oriented business. Customers sit at the centre of a subscription business, and accordingly, key metrics are often customer focused. Zuora’s billing platform gives you great insight into customer-centric metrics like total active customers and total active subscriptions, as well as letting you know the most valuable with key subscription metrics like monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and total contract value (TCV). Z-Billing even comes with a reporting engine that lets you easily keep tabs on these metrics, as well bookings, billings, collections, renewals, and just about anything else you can think of to make sure your business is performing its best.

Built on an enterprise-grade platform

Z-Billing runs on Zuora’s enterprise-grade cloud computing platform that supports some of the largest corporations across the globe. So you can trust it to be the most scalable, secure, and reliable solution on the market. Fully redundant data centres and SAS 70 Type II security ensure that your data will be secure and available whenever you need it. And because Zuora has done the hard work to become PCI Level 1 compliant, you can be confident that credit card data stays safe as well.

Plus, the whole system just keeps getting better and better. Zuora’s cloud platform is 100% multi-tenant. That means we can innovate at an incredible pace and automatically pass on that innovation to our customers without the hassle of upgrades.