Windows Communication Foundation

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The .Net Framework utilizes some core technologies out of which Windows communication foundation is an essential component. The Windows communication foundation is a means of developing service-oriented applications. Anyone who has an experience creating a client to service interface or a remote connection would know the connection features involved and therefore Windows communication foundation provides the same functions, however with efficient features and reduced communication time.

The benefits that Windows communication foundation provides in comparison to the old services is that it does not rely on only one technology as the previous web development frameworks have done, it collaborates all these technologies in one place and allows the user to have a friendly user environment. The Windows communication foundation is used to write codes to provide for a connection between a client and a service, both the client and the service can send and receive messages. The Service-oriented application is described as the code that is written so that interaction with either party becomes a possibility. Clients have to always initiate messaging in order to request services for work. These can be said to be similar to MSMQ as the messaging services are asynchronous in the case of Windows communication foundation also. These are used in business or account transactions, online supplying of goods or services, a message service for example during two brokers exchanging real-time stock exchange data

Windows communication foundation has multiple messaging patterns. One is the norm, where the client will send the message and the service will reply. However, one-way communication is also common when the client will initiate the message without a reply expected; this is known as the single endpoint. A similar to the instant messaging platform is also available where the client and services keep sending messages back and forth. One of the most important features in Windows communication foundation is that the messages can be encrypted to establish security and privacy of messages. The Windows communication foundation also supports the queuing of messages, if the connection with the client or the service could not be established, the intermediary will queue the message until a connection is found and then forward the message. This is done on priority bases as is present in MSMQ.

Windows communication foundation offers its users a friendly interface. There are possibilities whilst communicating that internet connection may be lost and therefore the message also. However, in the durable format, the message is saved in the database much like a draft while writing emails, therefore, when a disruption occurs, the user can retrieve the draft, edit it and send to the other party. The Windows communication foundation also uses Ajax, that is during communication when the messages are being sent back and forth, the webpage may be required to update constantly without interrupting the work of the user, it is for this purpose that Windows communication foundation has inbuilt Ajax features also.