Dependency management tools for Java

Regardless of your experience in Java, you have certainly heard about building applications. Even if your single Java code consists of just one class declaration with System.out.println (“Hello World!”) in the main method it has to be built. You are going to compile the class and make an executable jar to show your friend the … Continue reading

Example of simple Java app to access Moves App API

THE OBJECTIVE The objective is to find a technical possibility of implementing Fitness tracking solution using Java technologies and existing API available on public Web. The main functionality is recording an object’s moves. When the service is to be used, it is important to install a mobile application provided by a third-party service which will … Continue reading

Do you plan in advance data architecture for your startup?

Have you faced a situation when you suddenly realized that your Large project needs to be rebuilt because you ran into an unsolvable problem related to performance? When your company have a project that is popular enough and may potentially face millions of online users we need to stop and think about it. Correctly built architecture … Continue reading

How To Succeed at Riga Comm: Tips for Exhibitors

Despite the fact Diatom has been successfully working at the Latvian and global market for more than 10 years, last year was the first time our company participated in Riga Comm IT Fair. That is an IT & Business event that allows  ICT professionals, entrepreneurs and other interested people to learn about the latest products … Continue reading