Diatom has launched a new project for startups and midsized companies

In January 2019, Diatom Enterprises launched a new project to help startups and midsized companies digitize their projects and get effective results.

What is “Diatom Teams”?  

“Diatom Teams” is a software development team model built and managed by Diatom Enterprises, consisting of highly qualified dedicated developers.  

This model helps startups and midsized companies save their budget and resources, so instead of searching for and building software development teams, they can fully concentrate on their projects.   

Diatom Teams has a Europe-wide network to quickly find developers with the exact kind of expertise you’re looking for. What is waiting for you? 

  • Agile top pros  
  • Dedicated teams  
  • Instant ramp-up  
  • B2B warranties  
  • Flexible terms  
  • Excellent outcomes  

Diatom Teams takes a close look at each project and develops customized proposals by considering each customer’s business needs.   

How to contact Diatom Teams?

If you have a project but do not yet have a development team to work on it, all you need to do is visit Diatom Teams. Click the blue button, “TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROJECT,” and write us an email briefly describing your project and the developers you need (e.g. whether you need a single developer or a team). Then just click send. You will be contacted by Diatom Teams within 24 hours.