Dedicated Teams at Diatom Enterprises

What is a Dedicated Development Team Model? The dedicated development team is a model which generally involves lending a pre-assembled team to another company to greatly reduce their workload. The main principle of this model is to assign a staff member who is more experienced in the field to lead the entire software development process … Continue reading

Diatom has launched a new project for startups and midsized companies

In January 2019, Diatom Enterprises launched a new project to help startups and midsized companies digitize their projects and get effective results. What is “Diatom Teams”?   “Diatom Teams” is a software development team model built and managed by Diatom Enterprises, consisting of highly qualified dedicated developers.   This model helps startups and midsized companies save their budget and resources, so instead of … Continue reading

3 reasons to work with a dedicated team for your Startup project

Communication and information sharing have always been vital components to any human collective endeavor. Up until recently, these two components were very resource demanding. Communication was expensive and information sharing was very slow. Nowadays a company can deliver a project that in the past would have taken at least a year to complete in just … Continue reading