Automated UI Tests to Improve The Stability of a POS Product

POS cash registers are mainly used for taking orders, processing payments and tracking inventory, which can always be useful in practically any sphere. That means custom financial software solutions running on the cash register must comply with the requirements of any possible industry as well as its staff members who will operate the mentioned registers. There are almost countless options for how the cashiers or restaurant hosts will operate the software and so the software must support these options.

POS software development

The client required a web-based .NET project that was able to run on tablet devices, which were a part of the complete hardware. So our QA team chose to use SpecFlow and Selenium to generate human scenarios that hardware could go through. The combination of SpecFlow and Selenium was mainly chosen because of the .NET support, as the project required, so it allowed the writing and testing of BDD scenarios that perfectly fit the project’s requirements.

Automated QA Testing

Automated QA testing services in custom financial software development allows running countless amounts of tests for the previously mentioned countless options. By utilizing specialized QA software, it is possible to test all kinds of user interactions and make sure that none of them will cause failures in the developed software. In this case, the software developers responsible for writing the code will be able to implement changes in a couple of minutes, avoiding the situation mentioned previously. Simply with some added preparation for automated QA testing, it is possible to save months of manual QA testing and bug fixing and successfully release the finished product.

Diatom Enterprises Financial Software Development Services

Our custom software development team was responsible for one of such accomplishments. As a part of our financial software development services, we were in charge of custom financial software for mass-produced POS cash registers that are currently used in around 10000 different stores, restaurants and offices. The web-based financial software solution is still running on the sets of hardware, processing millions of daily transactions. But the hardest part was not the software itself, it was the prediction of all possible human interactions and making the custom financial software easy to update on the newer versions of the operating system it was running on.

With the main goal of failure prevention and delivering a complete product, our custom fintech software development company developed the project’s architecture and framework. We tasked our QA team with the automation of quality assurance testing. Previously working on a government e-health project, they had experience in arranging more than 3000 various auto-tests. Because of its increased complexity, this project required more than 5000 auto-tests, which minimized errors and allowed for successful release and further support and maintenance of the project.

Programming Language: C# .NET, HTML, CSS

Net Technologies: Selenium, SpecFlow

Database/Application Servers: Jenkins