HTML validation refers to a process in which a web document is analyzed in comparison to language rules put in place. In this process, non-standard codes and errors are identified. Though it might seem unnecessary, there are major benefits that you stand to gain from by validating your webpage.

The greatest gain that you will benefit from validating your webpage is that you will increase accessibility to your site. By running the code validation, you will ensure that errors in the code that stop visitors or spiders from search engines from accessing your site have been taken care of. Consequently, you will have a greater portion of your targeted online traffic.

Another major benefit that you will gain from HTML validation is the fact that your website will load much faster. This is a major advantage, especially if your target audience is located in a geographical location with slow internet connections. Usually, the traffic, seeing that your page is taking too much time to load, will move on to other websites that do not have any trouble loading. This would translate into losses if the website were set-up for business purposes. The trouble with loading pages, or loading pages for long periods, could be caused by the fact your source code has errors.

Another reason why you should validate your HTML is that; validation makes your web pages, compatible with modern browsers. Though your web page might appear alright with some browsers, it is important to note that all browsers are getting updated all the time in order to be compliant with language rules and newer browsers will neither be forgiving of your mistakes. It is better to take action while there still is time.

Another great benefit that will accrue to a website, once it has gone through the validation process, is the fact that it will get better rankings on the search engines. This is because simple and clean codes make it possible to spider the web pages more completely and quickly.

By having no mistakes in your source code, maintaining your website is a less demanding task. This is good news for web designers who have to maintain second party websites. Due to the lack of errors, maintenance on such sites is faster and cheaper than if the validation had not been done.

Error-Free source code will not be a burden to the server. This is because the validation process makes the language simpler and clean, ridding it of a code that is complicated. This, in turn, ensures that the size of web space that was required previously to host your site is reduced.

By making certain that your HTML language has been validated, you surely stand to gain a lot from the entire validation process.

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