Ronald McDonald House Charities Latvia IT support and development

Since RMHC Latvia was founded, the team and the executives of Diatom Enterprises have been actively supporting this charity organization. We believe there always exists the way how to help and this time, we decided that Diatom can help by doing something that we do really well – work on technology solutions and software development.

Re-design of Ronald McDonald House Charities Latvia website

Nowadays websites become outdated very quickly, all changes and innovations in the industry do not allow to remain conservative and force website owners to adjust to the latest trends. Last year together with the RMHC management Diatom began to plan the re-design of RMHC Latvia website. It was important to define the new concept and find a solution that would help to make the website look simple and modern.  

The main problem with the old website was that information about the charity organization was not structured in a proper way and had issues with navigation, therefore people willing to help often got lost. The main goal was to make the website visually easier and more accessible to visitors so that more people could easily support RMHC and its projects.  

The general concept of the previous version of the website stayed the same and we gently transferred all the information from the old website to the new one. Just as in the previous version, the website stayed Multilanguage and the content is available in three languages – English, Latvian and Russian.  

The structure of the website required some changes, so we added several new sections such as ‘Happy stories’ and ‘RMHC Global’ dedicated to RMHC Global origination and happy stories about children life and health recoveries. The information about donations was previously visible in the section “Contact us” whereas not this information is additionally located in a special section “Donations” under Section “How you can help”, as well as in the footer. 

The header deserves special attention. Its function was to especially highlight the Care Mobile program – the medical bus to provide medical care to children in remote areas of Latvia, and those who provide this medical help – Children’s University Hospital.  Our designer drew a wonderful sketch, for the header to visualize the existence of this care program. 

Header of RMHC website

The other important aspect is that the current page is responsive and fits any devices and screen sizes. We decided not to remove the animation from the mobile version, because it is not so influential on download time and do not spend a lot of Internet traffic. However, all the other content was resized to the bigger font, so to make the text readable for all people. 

Mobile version of RMHC website

We launched the website at the end of August 2017. Now we see that this re-design has solved various problems, for example, clearly structured all the information by category, removed duplicated material, made it easier to work in the admin panel by optimizing the preparation of articles in different languages, ready-made templates to upload photos make looks beautiful on the website etc. As a result, a non-technical person who deals with filling the site can publish any material in less than 5 minutes. Having such a user-friendly website allowing to add new information quickly and easily allows the RMHC team not to waste time on solving technical issues with the website but to spend more time for their primary mission -helping children. 

Recently, Diatom’s team received a certification of appreciation from RMHC Latvia for supporting the charity by re-designing their website free of cost. It is our honour to receive such certification and, of course, we believe that the main goal has been accomplished: the website has become easier for adding content and it has become more user-friendly and accessible for the visitors. As a result, we hope, more people will easily learn about the RMHC mission and join us in supporting RMHC and helping children all around Latvia.  If you feel that you would like to help RMHC Latvija, feel free to contact the director of the charity organization Zane and ask how to help the organization in the best way: 

We are glad our technical expertise and knowledge have helped the RMHC Latvia to get a new website that allows doing their charity work in a more efficient way.

Programming language: PHP, JavaScript
Net technologies: WordPress, Google Maps API
Database/ Application Servers: MySQL