Custom Real Estate Software Development

Diatom Enterprises is producing a custom software solutions for a wide variety of industries all around the Globe. One from the main area where we are expert is custom software for Real Estate, Investment & Finance area.

15+ years, starting from 2004, we are developing software, services, systems and solutions for our clients in California, Florida and other states in US.

We have extensive experience developing software solutions to provide

Software Development company for Real Estate

We’ve developed solutions for our customers that allow end-users to quickly and effectively search real estate listings and more than 120 million homes for sale across the US and enable them to access information about foreclosures and get different home market reports.

Every client is different. We welcome you to our web site and we’ll be happy to help you.


Our process

Diatom Enterprises is a Latvian custom software development and IT consulting company. We provide development services, support and QA services for our clients. We’ve honed our working practices to enable our team to provide the best resources and methodologies.


Software Development company for Real Estate


A typical example of our collaboration with our clients includes

2004: A fast-growing real estate company from Orange County, California, made the decision to outsource redevelopment of their ASP-based web site to take advantage of current .NET technology. Diatom was one of several IT companies in Latvia with experience developing .NET (ASP.NET) based enterprise solutions and we offered to help them.

We started collaborating with them as a .NET Framework 3.0 development team and successfully redeveloped the company’s property listing, property search, and feature property listing modules using Microsoft .NET technology. Several great business solutions, market situation and excellent performance helped our client to grow really fast.

2004-2007: Our team grew to 12 .NET software developers and 2 QA engineers. We developed dozens of different subsystems and 100s of services.  Our client was able to effectively grow the business, add and change features, and follow market trends.

2008: We began using ASP.NET MVC and redeveloped the client’s system from ASP.NET to MVC to improve

  1. web site performance
  2. speed of development
  3. code quality
  4. testability
  5. A/B testing
  6. redesign ability
  7. SEO

Diatom was able to scale its team of .NET developers up or down in response to the client’s needs. This was a very flexible way of working for both the client and for our company. Once all of the client’s business requirements were completed, we were able to scale our team back, allowing the client to allocate their resources to marketing and to profit from solutions Diatom developed.

2013-2014: We added mobile applications (iOS and Android) to the roster of services we were able to provide for our clients.

2015-2016: Client was awarded as US top 3 Real Estate source. We began providing B2B services.

We are proud to say that we have worked to support one of the most trusted and most quoted real estate agencies in the US.

Upon your request, we are ready to share Diatom’s references and case studies developed through our business projects in real estate and other industries. Feel free to contact us for a quote!

Programming language: C#.NET, VB.NET, DHTML, JavaScript.

Net technologies: Microsoft Framework 1.0/2.0/3.5, AJAX, Atlas, WebParts, Credit Card Processing and SMS BillingGeographic MappingBusiness AnalyticsFinancial Mathematics

Database/Application Servers: MS SQL 2000, MS SQL 2005.