Use ChatGPT to create Unit Tests

Custom software using ChatGPT? Yes, we develop one to automate Unit Test Creation. The AI-driven solution helps developers to perform complex, heavy, and tedious parts of the work.
ChatGPT for Unit test creation. Diatom We’ve looked at using AI tools to help the development process and automate Unit Test creation for programmers. When we get the code from other teams, we face these challenges:
    1. Understanding their logic.
    2. Lack of Unit tests.
    3. Imperfections in the code (no code is perfect).
To make any changes and not break the logic it is always good to cover existing lines of code by tests, but it is heavy and costly. Wouldn’t you agree? By automating this process, developers ensure code stability and gain insights into its logic through Unit tests, as if they wrote the code themselves.  

    • Step 1: Select the C# service class.
    • Step 2: Copy the code.
    • Step 3: Wait 3-10 seconds, and voilà! ChatGPT generates the tests.
    • Step 4: Copy the test to your project.
    • Step 5: Fix dependencies.
    • Step 6: Run the test – done!
Wishing you productive coding, stay tuned for more exciting updates from Diatom Enterprises!