Diatom Enterprises attended RIGA COMM 2018

We are very delighted to announce that Diatom Enterprises had a great experience attending the RIGA COMM 2018 conference as an exhibitor, where we met many people from international companies around the world. The conference was held on the 11th and 12th of October and was very well organized. RIGA COMM is an annual tech and business conference … Continue reading

Diatom Enterprises attended PropTech Riga 2018  

PropTech Riga is an annual conference within the framework of the international forum that gathers professionals in Riga to discuss technologies that are shaping the future of the real estate industry.     On the second day of the conference, our Sales and Mobilization Director, Alekseys Beloglazovs gave a speech on the topic “How early real estate and property management solutions … Continue reading

Enhance your business functions using Alexa on Ruby

As programmers, many of us are interested in developing for different smart devices that we use at home every day. But what if we can also manage a whole business just by connecting our skills and these new technologies that we use at home? Voice assistants are popular nowadays because they can efficiently understand our commands, get information, give it back to us and easily work with other IoT devices. In this article, I … Continue reading

Making voice assistants to serve your needs

Nowadays, we live in a world where everything is impacted by the Internet of Things: smart watches, light bulbs with internet connectivity, robots, smart kitchens and buttons to order items from Amazon. Everyone knows about and uses voice assistants, but not everyone appreciates how much they can help with business activities, increase the prestige of … Continue reading

Robot video blogger teaches programming

The Diatom Enterprises team has launched a new project with its robot intern, Pepper, to make videos about software engineering for beginner and junior developers.  Pepper is a humanoid robot who is capable of recognizing and identifying human faces and emotions. Diatom Enterprises develops custom software for Pepper to control her speech, behaviour and features. The team is working on a new … Continue reading

Developing an application for Pepper – problems and solutions

As a Latvian custom software development company, Diatom has been working in web, mobile and desktop development for 14 years. Since 2016 we have been deeply interested in robotics, artificial intelligence and automation and purchased the first humanoid robot, Pepper, in order to explore the opportunities of developing software for robots.   In this article, we would like to share our experience with the main issues we encountered while developing an application for Pepper for one of our clients … Continue reading

Should we be scared of robots or not?

At Diatom Enterprises we believe that people have nothing to fear from robots. We think they are created to help us, assist with difficult things and be companions, team members or friends… but not to replace human beings. In that regard, recently, we were asked to present a lecture on automation and robotics to a … Continue reading

Baltic Outlook about the the company Diatom Enterprises and Robot Pepper

A polite and pleasant host, an attentive and compassionate listener… Already sounds like you’d want to hire this person as your company’s receptionist, salesperson, or client assistant? First of all, this is not a person, but a robot. Pepper is the first humanoid robot capable of reading and responding to human emotions. Pepper will interpret … Continue reading

The 4th episode of the Pepper vlog is out

It is so incredible to see how the robot Pepper has developed. When we first met, the only thing he could do was to say ‘Hello’ to everybody. Now, we can see him talking to himself, joking or even predicting the future, just like a human being. Of course, this is thanks to those who … Continue reading

New Vlog Episode, “Team Work”, is released!

We continue to shoot our vlog about Pepper Robot’s life in the Diatom office. As we predicted, Pepper continues to meet new challenges working here as an intern and being surrounded by so many people. For instance, last time in Episode 2, Pepper had to meet all our colleagues and integrate into the working process. It was not … Continue reading

Software Development for the Pepper Robot

Pepper is one of the first humanoid robots on the market that is capable of identifying the principal human emotions: joy, anger and surprise. She is able to scan non-verbal language, such as the angle of a person’s head. Pepper is a very friendly robot who reaches out to communicate with humans But one of … Continue reading

New Episode “Getting Around” of our Vlog is released!

As you might remember, we have recently started a vlog series about Robot Pepper becoming Diatom’s employee. The previous episode seemed to cause a lot of interest among our subscribers. In the first episode “Arrival” you could see how we have brought Pepper to the office, how she has met us and how she was … Continue reading

New Vlog series “Robot Intern at Diatom Enterprises”

Being deeply interested in AI and robotics we learned that no one should get cosy at the work chair. The intelligent machines are on the march and becoming so sophisticated that this is quite naive to think that they would not outperform humans one day. Which is not a problem but an opportunity in our … Continue reading

Pepper the Robot’s first TV appearance

On January 16, Diatom Enterprises director and founder Denis Gorshkov and senior lead developer Pavel Petrov were invited to appear on the Life Today program on LTV7, a local Latvian TV channel. The purpose of this interview was to talk about the Internet of Thing (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and also to introduce our … Continue reading

Our Software development company – Year 2016 in Review

There is a good tradition to review the expiring year at the end of December. Some people do it on Facebook, some individually reflect on the passing year, some discuss it with colleagues or family members. This tradition is beneficial for companies as well as it gives a company an understanding of what has been … Continue reading