The Future of AI in Custom Software Development

The software development landscape is constantly evolving, driven by disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). Its impact is already evident, and 2024 promises even more exciting advancements. This year, we can expect to see significant growth in: AI-powered tools for custom software development: Tools that understand natural language descriptions and automatically generate code snippets will … Continue reading

Innovative Application of Using AI in Software Development

Over the past year, Diatom Enterprises has been deeply engaged in exploring and practically applying artificial intelligence (AI). Our goal was not just to study AI, but to find ways in which it could enhance business processes and software development. Recognizing that business success is largely dependent on the quality and reliability of software products, … Continue reading

Custom ChatGPT Integration

An Introduction to Custom ChatGPT Custom ChatGPT, also known as personalized or tailored ChatGPT, is an effective method for developing your own conversational AI model. Its ability to generate human-like responses opens up a world of possibilities for both businesses and developers. You can create a unique ChatGPT that recognizes and answers to specific prompts … Continue reading

Use ChatGPT to create Unit Tests

We’ve looked at using AI tools to help the development process and automate Unit Test creation for programmers. When we get the code from other teams, we face these challenges: Understanding their logic. Lack of Unit tests. Imperfections in the code (no code is perfect). To make any changes and not break the logic it … Continue reading

AI and Machine Learning in Cyber Security

The Importance of Cyber Security Cyber security is essential for operation and reliability of any modern business and especialy in Artificial Intellegence systems. Cyber security allows companies to protect their sensitive information and systems from unauthorized access, theft, damage, or disruption. This includes personal and financial data, confidential business information, and critical infrastructure systems. Cyber … Continue reading

How to Achieve Next-Gen Education? EdTech Basics and Capabilities.

Developing an EdTech app or online education software might get tough at some point. The main goal of online education software is to make the educational process more engaging and interesting, and to add more features to the process of students’ education. The online educational standards help to make the basic concept of the project, … Continue reading

What is EdTech and How Will its Trends Evolve in 2023?

EdTech industry is something that appeared pretty much out of nowhere and rapidly took over both software development and educational markets. Even though the time when E-Learning was needed the most has finally passed, some of the educational technologies have proven themselves to be just as efficient (or sometimes even more efficient) than the classic … Continue reading

Pepper the Robot’s first TV appearance

On January 16, Diatom Enterprises director and founder Denis Gorshkov and senior lead developer Pavel Petrov were invited to appear on the Life Today program on LTV7, a local Latvian TV channel. The purpose of this interview was to talk about the Internet of Thing (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration Examples, and also to … Continue reading

We say “Artificial Intelligence” but we mean…

I would like to apologize at once to those who spent years of researching AI areas, such as speech recognition, or working on AI in trading systems. Giving myself over to thoughts, I would like to start a subject about this. In the scientific world, one starts out from seeking correct definitions of terms, which … Continue reading

Possible chess knights movements using minimax algorithm

While at high school, I had been assigned to make a two-person game in Artificial Intelligence studies based on chess figure – knight, where one player is human and other is a computer on 4×4 field. Also, you can’t step on the same field where you or computer has already been. At first, I had … Continue reading