Microsoft Azure Service Bus

What Is Azure Service Bus? Azure Service Bus is a cloud messaging service designed to link any cloud-running applications, devices, and services. Thus, it serves as a messaging framework for cloud-based and cross-platform applications. Why Azure Service Bus? Reliability Even when an application or service is unavailable, Service Bus provides a … Continue reading

Windows Workflow Foundation

Diatom Enterprises as an outsource software development company is an expert in WWF technology. Company’s WWF developers widely use the technology in developing such projects as Digital Library of Latvian National Library. Diatom Enterprises Company provides offshore WWF development services for a wide range of industries and companies around the world. If you … Continue reading


Diatom Enterprises company is an outsource software development expert in MSMQ technology. Diatom Enterprises’ Microsoft Messaging Queuing developers effectively used MSMQ in building projects as Digital Library of Latvian National Library, File and Document Storage System,  Online DSA Training System, Social Web Portal. Diatom Enterprises provides offshore Microsoft Messaging Queuing development services for a wide … Continue reading

Microsoft Framework

.NET is a Microsoft framework that includes a very large library and supports a number of programming languages. This library is available to all languages that are supported by .NET. Its programs do not execute in hardware but in a software environment. This environment is called the Common Language Runtime or CLR. This … Continue reading


Custom XML, XSLT, SQLXML software development Relation data and XML have three environments available for manipulation in Microsoft visual studio. The options include classes in the system.xml namespace, SQLXML class and the XML-data type packed in SQL Server. The services of XML support were included in the Microsoft SQL Server in order to provide users … Continue reading

Microsoft SharePoint Server

Microsoft SharePoint server is configured to support various used web browsers. In order to run and install the software, you must meet the minimum hardware and software requirements. There are different methods of installation, which include a single server with an in-built database installation. The other installation method is with the use … Continue reading

Ms Access

Ms Access is a Microsoft software from Visual basic .NET that can open a database in Access, print or preview reports, display and allow editing of Access Form and automation of Access run-time. The software also helps in navigating dialogue boxes when opening a password-protected database or in case, the user security level … Continue reading

Microsoft Visual Studio

It is not a wonder that computers are synonymous with Microsoft. The giant software developer has trounced over the years any form of competition, and in the process rejuvenating and reinventing itself. Their rivals have replicated its products, but somehow, Microsoft is still leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. The gateway … Continue reading


InfoPath is Microsoft’s forms app that is electronic. It has recently been ranked as one of Office’s top editions, to be specific, top three. The app makes it possible to submit forms after filling them in through email while at the same time making publishing forms onto a web server possible. It also permits … Continue reading

IIS: Internet Information Services

IIS, an acronym for Internet Information Services is a set of feature extension components and web server application created by the leading company – Microsoft. The web server application is used with Microsoft Windows, Windows 7 and Windows Vista and is only second only to Apache HTTP Server in terms of … Continue reading

Windows 8: Microsoft’s browser-based OS

Windows 8, without a doubt, is a mobile OS. It is a very shiny, hardware-accelerated, operating system — and there’s no denying the fact that a re-skinned Windows 7 desktop Explorer is just sitting there, eagerly awaiting your probing finger prod — but first and foremost it is a mobile … Continue reading

Health Level 7

Diatom Enterprises was involved in the development process for Latvian National level e-Health system which was based on HL7 standard. We have developed an innovative and efficient approach to work with 3rd party external web services based on HL7 interfaces. Senior Software developers of our company got a good HL7 standard expertise … Continue reading

Diatom Enterprises – Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

We are proud to announce that Diatom Enterprises has obtained the status of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner which means now we are among Microsoft’s most highly accredited independent technical support providers. We have proved that our capacity and professionalism meet the highest standards and we are ready to maintain such a position and are eager … Continue reading

Diatom’s developers work for the Microsoft Latvia project

Diatom Enterprises’ outsource developers finished their work as subcontractors for the Microsoft Latvia’s project – Electronic Signature  for Latvian Government that ensures that every individual and company in the county are able to purchase and use electronic signatures. Project involved .NET technology and took about 6 months of work for Diatom Enterprises’ team. You can also check: