Ms Access

Ms Access is a Microsoft software from Visual basic .NET that can open a database in Access, print or preview reports, display and allow editing of Access Form and automation of Access run-time. The software also helps in navigating dialogue boxes when opening a password-protected database or in case, the user security level is turned on.

Microsoft Access allows two working modules in the database. The technologies involved are Automation and Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO.NET). ADO.NET technology is preferred when working with data objects like tables and Ms Access Queries. Automation, on the other hand, is used when Microsoft Access features are required. Some of the features available in Automation mode are the ability to print or preview a report made in Access.

It is also used when one needs to display an Access Form or when calling Access macros. Automation of Microsoft Access uses COM technology. Automation is a feature that allows applications written in languages like Vb.NET be able to control other applications. An Automated Microsoft Office application is able to run from memory and then, it would be called from the application in order to perform tasks of the application. It is possible to automate tasks done manually using a user interface by programming them with Ms Access and other Ms Office applications.

Microsoft Access shows this function of programming using an object model. The object model is composed of classes of collections and methods that act as counterparts to the Access logical components. In order to use the object model by using visual basic .Net, the first step is to create a reference library. Some of the common Automation tasks that can be accessed by the use of Ms Access include the opening of an Access database.

In order to open an automated database, you must OpenCurrentDatabase or OpenAccessProject in the applications. Ms Access only allows one opened the application and in order to open another application you must close the first one. The command of closing an application is CloseCurrentDatabase. The other way of opening an Access file is by the use of GetObject and then the path of a database function. This application function opens a database in an active running state.

In order to use the Ms Access print or preview function, you must access the report using the OpenReport function of DoCmd. When the report is opened, you get a dialogue box asking your intention, whether to preview or print. When you automate an Access, you may be prompted to use a user name, password or both in opening a database.

Ms Access uses two security features that include password-protected databases or user-level security. In using a password-protected database, you will be required to insert a password before opening. However, user-level security requires password and username before working on any database.

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