Development Services What is ASP.NET Core? ASP.NET Core is a modern, open-source framework for building high-performance, cross-platform web applications. It is built on top of the .NET Core runtime, which is a cross-platform, open-source version of the .NET framework. This allows for easy deployment of applications on Windows, Linux and macOS, making it … Continue reading

Windows Workflow Foundation

Diatom Enterprises as an outsource software development company is an expert in WWF technology. Company’s WWF developers widely use the technology in developing such projects as Digital Library of Latvian National Library. Diatom Enterprises Company provides offshore WWF development services for a wide range of industries and companies around the world. If you … Continue reading

Windows Communication Foundation

Diatom Enterprises is an outsource software development expert in Windows communication foundation technology. Our Windows communication foundation developers effectively used Windows communication foundation in the development of the projects as Digital Library of Latvian National Library, Short Sale Online Marketplace with a Real Estate Agent Network. Diatom Enterprises provides offshore Windows communication … Continue reading


Diatom Enterprises provides offshore ADO.NET development services for a wide range of industries and companies around the world. If you are looking for experienced and trusted ADO.NET developers for hire you found the best. Initially, the ADO was used to extract data efficiently from a database. This was when ADO 1.0 was established and … Continue reading

Microsoft Framework

.NET is a Microsoft framework that includes a very large library and supports a number of programming languages. This library is available to all languages that are supported by .NET. Its programs do not execute in hardware but in a software environment. This environment is called the Common Language Runtime or CLR. This … Continue reading

Weborb for .NET

For a continuous and reliable media presence worldwide, the WebORB for .NET plays a major role. It integrates browsers who want to stay connected anywhere they are. If you are a mobile client and need reliable connectivity for your desktop, you should consider getting this feature. You would be able to market … Continue reading


Custom XML, XSLT, SQLXML software development Relation data and XML have three environments available for manipulation in Microsoft visual studio. The options include classes in the system.xml namespace, SQLXML class and the XML-data type packed in SQL Server. The services of XML support were included in the Microsoft SQL Server in order to provide users … Continue reading

Ms Access

Ms Access is a Microsoft software from Visual basic .NET that can open a database in Access, print or preview reports, display and allow editing of Access Form and automation of Access run-time. The software also helps in navigating dialogue boxes when opening a password-protected database or in case, the user security level … Continue reading

Microsoft Visual Studio

It is not a wonder that computers are synonymous with Microsoft. The giant software developer has trounced over the years any form of competition, and in the process rejuvenating and reinventing itself. Their rivals have replicated its products, but somehow, Microsoft is still leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. The gateway … Continue reading


With the coming of .NET, it has become much easier to access the different collection of classes. This is unlike before when various programming languages all had different types of routines and classes that was provided for by the Microsoft Foundation classes. Something that needs to be noted here, is the fact that the … Continue reading

Model View Presenter

As UI-creation technologies such as ASP.NET and Windows® Forms become more and more powerful, it’s common practice to let the UI layer do more than it should. Without a clear separation of responsibilities, the UI layer can often become a catch-all for logic that really belongs in other layers of the application. One … Continue reading

Development using Xamarin products

Xamarin and iPhone / Android / WinPhone Development At Diatom Enterprises we are working hard to strengthen our Xamarin knowledge and partnership. We have had a very positive experience working with Xamarin deploying native apps quickly and efficiently. We see Xamarin as a key technology in our cross-platform mobile strategy. Key Benefits Xamarin continues updating … Continue reading

Digital library of Latvian national library

Diatom Enterprises’ software developers took part in the process of digitizing collections of the Latvian National Library and other similar organizations, by making them accessible on the web. .NET, TFS, Framework 3.0, SharePoint 2007, WCF (windows communication foundation), Windows Workflow Foundation, InfoPath, MSMQ and other technologies were used in this project. You can also check:

Improved analytics baseline performance measurement system

Diatom Enterprises developing experts finished their work on improvements to the Analytics Baseline Performance Measurement System. ASP.NET, Microsoft Framework 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, Statistical Analysis and C#.NET were involved in the developing process. You can also check:

File and document storage system

Diatom Enterprises’ team started their work on file and document storage system for our client in North America. The system is a secure online file server solution that allows businesses and households to store, index, search and retrieve information items from any physical location. Such technologies as .NET, Microsoft Framework 3.5, AJAX, Web Parts, Web Services, MSMQ, Credit Card Processing and … Continue reading

Social web portal launched

Diatom Enterprises’ team successfully finished working on a multi-language public web portal for social interaction for a Ukrainian market as an outsource software development company and it has been launched into the World Wide Web. In development of the project following technologies were used: .NET, Web Services, MS Framework 2.0, AJAX, VS2010, ASP.NET4 , MSMQ. Web site offers SMS … Continue reading

Music Libraries

Web portal is intended for media business purposes. It is the most convenient and fast place for searching for music by genres, categories and styles in several European music libraries. The current version of the web portal is developed using Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, AJAX tools, floating DIV’s and a lot of other features. Downloading … Continue reading