.NET Code Build Manager

Application deployment, specifically built and moved project to destination host is time consuming task. Our client wanted to save time and optimize deployment process for intranet. Diatom Enterprises developed automated source code built environment. The application monitors and maintains projects that are currently active and being used by any development team part. The main feature and purpose is to deploy any project on a pre-defined host. This tool also works with third-party controls like Source Gear Vault and Visual Build Pro. www.sourcegear.com


Moreover, using this application we can deploy and execute database scripts. Automated project build environment supports latest Microsoft .NET Frameworks and is backward compatible with previous releases of third-party controls. We built this system with a help of ASP.NET environment and also worked with third-party client API.


After program was completed our client could run administration and managing processes through the web interface, deployment process became very simple and no longer time consuming task.