JavaScript is a widely used computer scripting language also known as ECMAS. It copies a lot from Java but the two have very different semantics and should not be confused as one. It supports higher-order functions and has closures and this makes it a functional programming language. Other functional programming languages are Scheme and … Continue reading

Node.js with Dr Takhir Mamirov

Takhir, I know, your team uses Node.Js for more than 3 years. It is effective and perspective server-side JavaScript platform, and hundreds of startups use Node.JS today. Do you know why? How big is NodeJS community? Well, there are several benefits of Node.js. Just think: a) you don’t need to … Continue reading

Techcourses in Node.js, AngularJS and RoR

Want to learn these cutting-edge technologies? Our senior developers and experts, who have years of experience in these areas will teach you during theoretical lectures and guide you on practical lessons. What is the course content? Each course consists of a series of theoretical-practical lessons, dedicated to one of the cutting-edge technologies. You will be … Continue reading