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Our dedicated teams of diverse IT specialties are eagerly waiting to start working under your guidance. With Diatom Enterprises, you can free your business from software development tasks or even entire projects.

Diatom Enterprises – Dedicated Development Team Service

Want to take your business to the next level with custom software solutions? Consider hiring a dedicated team from Diatom Enterprises.

  • 19yrs
    Of dedicated team services
  • 200+
    Successfully delivered projects
  • 4-20
    Range of members in our teams
  • 250+
    Clients satisfied with the work of our teams
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    Why Choose Dedicated Team Model?

    The dedicated development team model is a perfect solution for companies who already have experienced tech staff, but not enough workforce to efficiently deliver their projects.

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    Our Dedicated Development Teams

    When you choose to hire a dedicated software development team from Diatom Enterprises, you can be sure that your projects are in safe hands of experienced and highly-trained professionals.

What We Offer With Our Dedicated Development Teams

With our dedicated development team, you will have access to experts who will provide you with the flexibility and expertise you need to succeed.


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Main Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

  • Flexibility and Scalability

    Our dedicated team of software developers can be scaled up or down to meet the changing needs of your business, providing you with the needed flexibility to meet your goals.

  • Dedicated Expertise

    With our dedicated team of software developers, you can be sure that its projects are being worked on by experts who are dedicated to delivering high-quality software solutions.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Working with our dedicated development team can be more cost-effective than hiring an in-house team since you avoid the overhead costs.

  • Focus on Core Competencies

    By outsourcing your software development needs to a dedicated team at Diatom Enterprises, you can focus your internal resources on your core competencies and priorities.

Improved Communication and Collaboration

Working with our dedicated development team can help you to improve communication and collaboration between your company and your other software development partners. This can lead to faster delivery times, better project outcomes, and a stronger working relationship.

Diatom Enterprises Dedicated Development Team Services

  • desktop-development

    Desktop Development

  • mobile-apps

    Mobile App Development

  • web-applications

    Web App Development

  • cloud-based-solutions

    Cloud-Based Solutions

  • legacy-system-modernization

    Legacy System Modernization

  • qa-testing

    QA and Maintenance

Our team at Diatom Enterprises understands the importance of delivering high-quality software solutions according to the needs of our clients. That’s why along with experienced team of developers we offer a transparent project management process, to make sure that the projects meet your needs and requirements and do not exceed the budget.

Dedicated Teams in Latvia and Europe

At Diatom Enterprises, we are proud to be a dedicated development team in Latvia, located at the heart of Europe. Being a dedicated offshore team for most of our clients, our Latvian location gives us access to a pool of highly-skilled software developers, while still providing the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing. Our dedicated teams in Latvia and Europe are dedicated to delivering high-quality software solutions to businesses like yours.

Whether you need dedicated development team services in Latvia or dedicated development team services in Europe, our dedicated outsourcing services guarantee that you will receive the same level of quality as if you had an in-house team, but with the added benefits of reduced costs and increased flexibility.

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