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Our story begins in 2004. Since then, web development has been our focus. Of the hundreds of web projects that we have successfully implemented, more than half were completed in Angular.

Trusted partner for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

What is Angular?

Angular is a popular open-source web application framework developed and maintained by Google. It is based on TypeScript and designed to build large, complex, and scalable single-page applications (SPAs). Angular uses a component-based architecture and a declarative programming style to build the user interface, and it includes a range of features and tools to help developers build and maintain web applications.

Why Diatom Enterprises & Angular Development Services?

Since 2004, our company has excelled in crafting web solutions with JavaScript. The launch of AngularJS in 2010 marked a revolution in software development. Our developers have been pivotal in deploying AngularJS across projects in California, Texas and Florida. We’ve built a diverse array of systems and, since 2016, have adeptly shifted to Angular 2. Today, half of our developers are Angular experts, ready to bring their extensive experience to your project’s assessment, design, and execution. Here’s a snapshot of our Angular journey:

30 senior Angular developers available

In any successful company, all the talented people are busy. It’s difficult to find and hire strong developers, but with 20 years of experience, our company has created conditions that allow us to help you with a team of Angular programmers in the shortest possible time.

14 full years of Angular Software development

As we mentioned above, our company has been using the Angular framework for 14 years. During this time, we have accumulated experience, knowledge, and technologies that will allow you to effectively implement your project from requirements to production.

TypeScript, JS and scss to have UX/UI development services

As soon as the TypeScript language appeared, we immediately chose it as the main one for writing code. Our programmers usually connect to projects extremely easily and professionally and freely bring them to success. We also provide dedicated UX UI Front Developers with the Angular skills to make the development process more effective.

Hire Angular Developer in 3 days

Our Angular Development Company simplifies the entire process of hiring Angular programmers for you. All our specialists have many years of experience, are available for interviews, and can easily be integrated into your team. And if you don’t have a angular team yet, just reach out to us and we will create one for you, training your team in the nuances of Angular development and executing your project for you

Why you need to Hire Angular Developers here and Facts about Diatom Enterprises

  • We are from Latvia – European Union
  • We are 70 Software Developers available for outsourcing
  • All our C-Level Team is Software Developers
  • 80% our Customers are from US and Canada

Angular Related Development Skills

To provide quality service, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the various frameworks that usually accompany Angular. This includes backend and cloud structures in which we usually carry out hosting, etc.

Backend Frameworks

Cloud Services

Our clients highly value the fact that a programmer with experience in development using Angular always has experience in working with backend code, and in CI/CD, as well as with databases. We strive to ensure that all our programmers have full stack skills.

However, we also distinguish a group of programmers such as front-end developers. This is the most effective way to quickly and qualitatively support cross-platform development, which requires a clear system design at different resolutions. Responsiveness is one of the most important aspects of web development.

Angular Areas of Expertise

  1. Web Applications (e-commerce, startups, portals, ERP systems, etc.)
  2. Migration from AngularJS to Angular

Featured Angular Projects

Node title-line

Online Training Platform

The Angular framework was chosen to replace legacy Adobe Flex and Flash code previously written using ActionScript. This was done in 2010 and now more than 30,000 companies use this tool.

.NET Core title-line

ERP system

The largest Private Community Club in Florida, US. The Angular Framework was chosen to develop fast data entry forms and reports. Our Software Company has developed 100s components to speed up the accounting and ERP systems in the club.

Latvian E-Health System

2,000,000 users. Angular Framework helped to develop a fast web soultion available for the whole Latvian users.


Testimonials from our customers

“Working with Diatom has been a great experience. This was our first time outsourcing any of our development, and it has been nothing less than amazing.”
Robotic Sales/Services Manager of Smile It’s Viral Robotics, Atlanta, USA

Diatom Enterprises as an Outsourcing Angular Development Company

If you would like to collaborate, here at Diatom Enterprises we offer angular development services for various industries. We are the most proficient Angular development company in Latvia, with more than 20 years of software development experience and countless successful projects on Angular and previously on AngularJS.

Please contact us, so we can discuss our future partnership in angular development and provide you with a free estimation of your project!