ReactJS is an extremely powerful library for front-end development. However, at times it can be used in the wrong way. So what are the specifics of its use and what are some common mistakes in its application? How and when should you use ReactJS? Virtual DOM ReactJS works really quickly when used the right … Continue reading

Should you migrate to React v16?

In September 2017, Facebook announced the release of React v16.0, and soon, in November 2017, React v16.2.0 has been released. So, what is new in v16, what has been changed and why should you upgrade? Let’s dive in and find out! NEW CORE ARCHITECTURE: FIBER  If we start to look at what’s new in v16, … Continue reading

Why to say yes to AngularJS in the admin dashboard

Almost any web project should have an admin part. Some web projects have an admin dashboard that takes nearly 50% or more of all functionality, especially in B2B projects. In such cases, it is very important to use the best approach you can to develop the dashboard. Here are the most important front-end features you … Continue reading