Tips on working from home/remotely

Have you ever thought about global things like, how the invention of electricity changed the way we live? How the invention of the internet changed the way we work, learn, recreate and etc.? 21st century brought us processes like globalization, digitalization and automation. For us, being a custom software development company, those processes are not … Continue reading

Hiring dedicated developers / programmers and teams

Diatom Enterprises is a Canadian founded and Latvia based Software Development and Consultancy Company producing custom software solutions for a wide variety of industries all around the Globe. We have 15+ years of expertise and knowledge in developing business applications for Web, Mobile and Desktop. We work for US, UK, EU and Latvian clients. Thank … Continue reading

15 Years in Custom Software Development

Today, we celebrate the 15 years our company first started to deliver custom software development services for the commercial IT market. Founded by three developers in 2004, we shared the experience of all the greatest IT companies today, by working from a rented apartment! Our first project was with a growing company, RealtyTrac. We moved … Continue reading

REWRITING THE CODE – article in the Norwegian Airlines Magazine

Europe is full of ambitious companies setting out to conquer their industry. Teams who start off huddled around a laptop in shared workspaces, from Helsinki to Lisbon, before scaling up to modern headquarters and hiring plenty of staff. Behind the facade, there’s always a human story. Founders have to be bold – and the path … Continue reading

Custom Accounting Software Development

WE HELP DEVELOP ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL SOFTWARE FOR SMALL AND MIDSIZE BUSINESS Diatom Enterprises is a Canada founded and Latvia based Software Development Company producing custom software solutions for a wide variety of industries all around the Globe. We have 15+ years of expertise and knowledge in developing business applications for Web, Mobile and Desktop. We work … Continue reading

3 reasons to work with a dedicated team for your Startup project

Communication and information sharing have always been vital components to any human collective endeavor. Up until recently, these two components were very resource demanding. Communication was expensive and information sharing was very slow. Nowadays a company can deliver a project that in the past would have taken at least a year to complete in just … Continue reading

Diatom’s 2018 Year in Review 

International award winner   In 2018 we received a RAR Recommended certificate from the RAR Digital Awards 2018, thanks to our clients who rated us as one of the best software development companies in Europe. Diatom has offered custom software development services since 2004, and our team does their best to get clients’ satisfaction.  RAR recommended … Continue reading

Baltic Outlook about the the company Diatom Enterprises and Robot Pepper

A polite and pleasant host, an attentive and compassionate listener… Already sounds like you’d want to hire this person as your company’s receptionist, salesperson, or client assistant? First of all, this is not a person, but a robot. Pepper is the first humanoid robot capable of reading and responding to human emotions. Pepper will interpret … Continue reading

Latvian companies are a reliable partner for the U.S. businesses

We are frequently asked by people about the business reason for Diatom’s membership in the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia (AmCham Latvia). Today we would like to share some of the clear benefits of being members of AmCham Latvia, describe our experience collaborating with US companies, and describe why, in our opinion, those companies … Continue reading

Software Development for the Pepper Robot

Pepper is one of the first humanoid robots on the market that is capable of identifying the principal human emotions: joy, anger and surprise. She is able to scan non-verbal language, such as the angle of a person’s head. Pepper is a very friendly robot who reaches out to communicate with humans But one of … Continue reading

Frustration Driven Development

As you can guess from the title, I am frustrated. I am frustrated by the fact that we neglect the solutions to the problems that already have been solved. It’s painful to admit, but I am also infected with this particular disease. More often than not I tend to overlook some of the things in … Continue reading

IT Conference for Custom Software Companies in Baltics

Software development in Baltic All of us who attended our exhibit was amazed by the people who were our guest and stopped to visit. They were very interested in mobile technologies, the latest developments in website design, and of course the marvels of custom software development in Baltic. There were several deep discussion of the … Continue reading