REWRITING THE CODE – article in the Norwegian Airlines Magazine

"Putting custom software into the hands of disruptors, Diatom Enterprises is a game-changer in outsourcing." - article published by the Norwegian Airlines Magazine.

Europe is full of ambitious companies setting out to conquer their industry. Teams who start off huddled around a laptop in shared workspaces, from Helsinki to Lisbon, before scaling up to modern headquarters and hiring plenty of staff. Behind the facade, there’s always a human story. Founders have to be bold – and the path to becoming a disruptor is paved with both good fortune and uncertainty.

Diatom Enterprises CEO Denis Gorshkov certainly remembers what it was like 25 years ago. Based in Riga, Latvia, the company has helped hundreds of clients around the world to achieve their software and IT goals – from fledgling start-ups to tech giants. It all started with just a handful of young, talented consultants. Today, Diatom has 70 staff based around the world, and a growing client list, thanks to a slew of happy customers.

Gorshkov explains: “All our current American clients discovered us through references and endorsements. We have not advertised or marketed our services in the USA. The quality of our work is self-evident.”

Whether it’s delivering software to streamline freight and logistics in Norway and Sweden, or developing e-signature systems for clients in Latvia, Diatom always has a versatile approach.

Gorshkovs’s ethos is simple – provide custom solutions and consultancy without the hassle of old-fashioned outsourcing. Because what many people know as a cumbersome – and often costly – process has dramatically evolved.

The temptation for companies short on time has been to buy off-the-shelf solutions to plug a problem, but Diatom works with clients from all manner and sectors, from real estate to tourism, which means a one-size-fits-all solution just isn’t going to work. This is why Diatom is in constant search for bespoke custom solutions, regardless of what type of clients it may be working with.

One of these solutions was Diatom Teams. Launched in January 2019, the program draws on the company’s network of recruitment consultants to help small – to medium-sized businesses find talent throughout Europe in a fast, affordable way.

The rapid growth in low-cost communications, from video conferencing to chat channels, has enabled thousands of businesses to change the way they work. From Diatom, the advances in the communication sector have been instrumental for a company that can now seamlessly bring global teams of specialists together and organise tasks anywhere on the planet.

Turning dreams into reality comes with immense pressure, and the burden of managing large projects only adds to that worry. Passionate about its craft and willing to understand its clients’ business needs inside out, Diatom is changing the face of outsourcing for good.

The article is published by the Norwegian Airlines Magazine
Source: Norwegian Airlines Magazine, pages 112-113