3 reasons to work with a dedicated team for your Startup project

If you are uncertain about getting a dedicated development team for your startup or midsized company, here are three benefits that may convince you. 

Communication and information sharing have always been vital components to any human collective endeavor. Up until recently, these two components were very resource demanding. Communication was expensive and information sharing was very slow. Nowadays a company can deliver a project that in the past would have taken at least a year to complete in just a couple of months. Research used to take months, involving written requests to various libraries. These days, it takes seconds. (©Denis Gorshkov ) 

As Diatom Enterprises CEO Denis Gorshkov mentioned, the world has changed. Today’s technologies help companies and employees to be more mobile and flexible in business. Modern devices allow us to connect with colleagues, clients and partners at any time and from anywhere. These technological innovations have also changed the way we approach work, making hiring dedicated development teams or outsourcing flexible developers easier than ever.  

What does a dedicated team do? 

Dedicated teams are built by outsourcing development companies, and they consist of a group of specialists from around the world who work on a single project. Outsourcing development companies like Diatom Enterprises find professional developers with different tech expertise and skills, according to the client’s needs.  

This model is used for long-term and changeable projects. It is the perfect solution for startup companies that don’t want to spend their resources on finding specialists or building a team, as well as for midsize companies that need developers with necessary skills who will work only for their projects. 

If you are uncertain about getting a dedicated development team for your startup or midsize company, here are three benefits that may convince you. 

Flexibility in business

flexibility in business

Flexibility in business

Dedicated development teams are interested in contributing to your project by finding the best solutions. Modern tools like video conferencing make communication with outsourced developers incredibly easy. You and your team can manage everything without leaving the house.  

It is much easier to work with outsourcing development companies that will find or build dedicated development teams for you. You don’t have to worry about building a new team; you can just enjoy working with the experienced team of professional developers. 

The outsourcing software company will be responsible for finding specialists according to your needs, building teams and infrastructure to communicate with developers. All the work is done by the outsourcing company and will be reported to you daily or weekly. 

Save time and money

saving time and money

Concentrate only on your project, save your time and money

Hiring a dedicated team allows you to focus on your project and avoid spending your valuable time on routine tasks such as searching for development specialists, building a team of developers or creating the project and communications infrastructure. It also prevents you from having to pay for rent or find a workspace for the team. 

The costs of hiring of the dedicated development team are much lower than building your own software development team, especially if you’re located in the United States or Europe. 

Once you find the right outsourcing software development company, all you need to do is tell them your objectives, project requirements and the number of specialists you’ll need. They’ll take care of the rest. 

Maximize your efficiency

maximizing productivity and efficiency

Maximize your productivity and efficiency

Dedicated teams feel like part of the project team and work for the mutual goal. The project manager from the outsourcing company cares about the team and ensures tasks are completed on time.  

As a startup or midsize company, you and your clients can freely observe the assigned tasks and responsibilities being completed by the dedicated team. You can evaluate the results and adjust requirements or processes as needed. If you have new requirements, the outsourcing company will help you scale your team. You can easily increase the number of developers or scale down the team.  

You always have the freedom to select the best experts who are the right fit for your dedicated team.   

Final thoughts 

In conclusion, hiring of the dedicated team of development experts allows startups and midsize companies to save costs, concentrate on their project and enjoy flexible communication. Would you like to experience the advantages of these processes for yourself? If so, send your requirements to Diatom Teams and receive a free project estimate.