IT Conference for Custom Software Companies in Baltics

Diatom has presented development services at RigaComm, one of the leading IT conference. Our development services were presented to visitors around of European countries


Software development in Baltic

All of us who attended our exhibit was amazed by the people who were our guest and stopped to visit. They were very interested in mobile technologies, the latest developments in website design, and of course the marvels of custom software development in Baltic. There were several deep discussion of the practicalities and theoretical aspects regarding some of our 50 different technologies. More people were interested in Xamarin than we had expected. It seems cross-platform technologies like Xamarin, gives App designers greater freedom, reduces their time to complete their mobile work, saves a lot of money, and it’s fun doing it. We had two of our very best developers and engineers in Baltic on hand and our visitors kept them very busy.


We are always looking for new adventures and part of who we are is devoting time to charity and reaching out to those who could use our professional help but don’t know it. Several months ago we committed to being present at a recent Technology Trade Show in Baltic. Of course we have attended them as a guest, but doing one certainly would be different. Some of us were responsible for designing our booth, others on what technological information we would offer, and finally, there were those who would actually meet the people attending the trade show. Everyone did an excellent job fulfilling their responsibilities and working together through collaboration to deliver an excellent exhibit. We are always happy when we work together in harmony for the benefit of others, whether it is charity, community, social, or work events.