Software Development for Online Education

Educational platforms are our leading field!
Online Education industry
In the modern world, the online education industry is experiencing a meteoric rise. All the needed steps for obtaining certifications and even degrees are available within reach of one’s fingertips. Knowledge has never been more accessible to us, which creates endless functionality development possibilities, which is a journey we are not shy to embark on.
Diatom Enterprises has had several projects in this area, some with the scope of serving several thousand educational institutions with top notch online education software.
Online Education solutions
01.Online Educational Tools
On-demand development of online educational tools, with the addition of new features and enhanced performance for optimized web experience.
02.Multi-platform E-Learning Apps
The online educational solution that is supported by iOS and Android platforms as well as any web browser.
03.Educational Games
Addition of streaks, badges and other custom functionality to your educational platform to make the learning process feel more playful.
04.Learning Management Systems
Development of LMS custom software applications which are used to plan, deliver, and manage educational courses or training programs.

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