Latvia as a reliable partner for the Swedish Companies


Diatom Enterprises, the Latvian custom software development company, has recently become the Member of The Swedish Chamber of Commerce (further in the text – SCC) in Latvia. One of the latest events organized by the SCC was Company Visit to Tele2 Shared Service Center, a Swedish company operating in Latvia.


Visit to Tele2 Shared Service Center, a Swedish company operating in Latvia

Diatom Enterprises company was formed in 2004 and in the beginning, was mostly working with the American companies. However, since 2011 it has been successfully working with the Swedish companies, and currently, Diatom Enterprises is participating in three Swedish projects in the following areas:

  • Telecommunications
  • Logistics
  • Credit Management Services

Some of the main reasons why the Swedish companies prefer to outsource their work to such Latvian companies as Diatom Enterprises are: similar mentality, almost no time difference and favourable location. Kim Leandersson, the General Manager of Tele2 Shared Service Center, who hosted the visit to the Tele2 Shared Service Center, also mentioned some of those reasons as benefits for a Swedish company to operate in Latvia.


Latvia is Silicon Valley of Europe

At the moment, Diatom Enterprises is mostly focusing on expanding the Swedish Client network. That is why participating in the Company Visit to the Tele2 Shared Service Center has helped to learn more about the experience of a Swedish company located in Latvia. Currently, Diatom Enterprises is actively meeting and networking with other companies with a similar experience and is looking forward to attending more networking events of the same topic.

More about the Company Visit to be found at the SCC website (

Photo credits: SCC

“Although we do not work in the same city or country, I experienced the cooperation between us as if we sat nearby.”

Fredrik Malmberg, Deputy Managing Director and CTO
Begoma Spedition AB