Apple Pay or Mobile Wallet in the Hotel management Systems

Apple Pay and Mobile Wallets In Hotel Industry

How awesome would it be to ditch the cards used in hotels and replace them entirely with your phone - Apple Pay or Mobile Wallet? Diatom Enterprises - Experts in the Custom Software Development

Have you ever considered how cool it would be to finally get rid of those cards at the hotel you’re staying in? It’s truly top-notch when you can use your phone to:

  • Open the door
  • Buy a cup of coffee
  • Make a payment at the spa center
It’s incredibly convenient when you can settle the entire bill, including room charges, in one fell swoop upon departure, right? In the modern world, implementing such a system is not at all difficult using a contemporary PMS (Property Management System). This convenience applies not only to individual hotels but also to club organizations and even condominium communities, where the private area is secured by security personnel, and such solutions enhance the overall safety of the organization.

How is it set up? You need to add an Apple Pay integration module to your PMS that will generate a mobile key, and send invitations via email, or if you have a public website, you can add an access management or membership card system in your user dashboard.

You send out an invitation, and the user adds the card to their mobile wallet. Integrate Hotel Card into apple pay or mobile wallet Then, the user simply uses Apple/Google Wallet as they find convenient. Use PassKit as integration architecture for Apple Pay and Hotel Management software If we’re talking about a hotel system, then the user pays all bills in full at once when it’s time to check out. Spent many times, pay once using one bill on check out   It’s convenient, efficient, and saves both paper and plastic. Especially when everything is on your phone, and there’s no need to worry about a physical wallet with cash and cards. Thank you! Diatom Enterprises Team – Experts in Custom Sotware development!