Atlassian Tools (Fisheye, Crucible)

Some info on the toolset:

The Atlassian tools (FishEye, Crucible) are products designed for programmers who use codes on a daily basis. If you are in constant use of codes, these can be of very great help to you. You can use these to get coded information for use in many sophisticated reports. With the crucible, you can manage code reviews and give performance requests with them.


These products can work in isolation but can as well be used together. When using subversion, CVS and perforce, it is better to have both crucible and FishEye in combination. This can greatly improve the experience that you would get from them in combination than in isolation. It is always possible to get an upgrade of the crucible by installing FishEye without necessarily having to do an independent installation of the Fish Eye software. Upgrade license can be accessed on the admin screens to get easy accessibility.

You need to know that Atlassian tools (FishEye, Crucible) are not free. There is a need for you to get a license in order to get access for their use. With the license, you can not only view codes but also be able to modify them. Selling of codes and redistribution of them is, however, prohibited and you should avoid it at all costs.

Upgrading a FishEye installation to crucible is also possible. It s an individual choice to maintain initial FishEye installation or to have a completely new set installed. Either way, you can still be able to enjoy the advantages of using Atlassian tools (FishEye, Crucible). You would be able to navigate faster through code reviews as well as sourcing for codes. The crucible feature would also help you in the tracking of recently viewed codes, projects, users and repositories providing at least the last five used. The FishEye, on the other hand, helps you to get back to code reviews you have just visited and cannot remember the review ID.

The Atlassian tools (FishEye, Crucible) help you to get things done in a very orderly manner. Your emails get well organized by being grouped with comments and sent together. This gives your inbox some breathing space, as you would only get very relevant contents with as much limitation of bulk as possible. All information that needs to get your attention is specified into three important groups being an archive, inbox and outboxes. You will be able to identify easily emails that need your attention, those that can be handled by others and those that are for storing. It is important to get these two products from Atlassian. Any needs you may have can be taken with ease and efficiency to you with options of upgrading whenever necessary.

Our company is an outsource software development expert in Atlassian Tools. Diatom Enterprises’ developers effectively used Atlassian Tools in building projects as: Online Corporate Training Platform.

Our development team (60+ people) has been using Atlassian Tools on a daily basis for the last 3 years. Since we are heavily involved in multi-team international projects, the ability to effectively share information about code and work activities is crucial to be able to produce quality work in a timely manner. As it often happens with well-designed productivity tools it is hard to imagine how we managed without it before.

I strongly recommend that any software development project manager takes a closer look at Atlassian toolset and tries to adapt it to his or her development process. It is worth it.

We are located in Eastern Europe – Latvia. As a custom software development company that renders programming services to the North American market, we live and die by our ability to communicate and share information in the most effective and swiftly way. Hence, Atlassian toolset is a preferable choice. Of course, the tool is only as good as its user.

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