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Switching from C# to Elixir - a programmer’s story

Sometimes programmers need to change the language they use for software development. Find out how it was for our developer to switch from C# to Elixir.

Gamedev on Ruby? Why not!

This article isn't about big games with sophisticated graphics, nor will I be creating something like MMORPG

React Native in one day: Android Application for tracking your spends with Googl...

Usually I travel a lot by my car and make blog posts about it. And usually readers ask me about the mileage, gas consumption and other useful information.

Kubernetes + Docker for your deployments

In this article I will give a high level overview of how we have set up our servers with help of Kubernetes and Docker and why we have chosen such a combination.

Dependency management tools for Java

Regardless of your experience in Java you have certainly heard about building applications. Even if your single Java code consists of just one class declaration...

Example of simple Java app to access Moves App API

The objective of this post is to find a technical possibility of implementing Fitness tracking solution using Java technologies and existing API available on public Web.