Angular Development Services

Rump up Your Angular Experience with Expert Dev Team Our story begins in 2004. Since then, web development has been our focus. Of the hundreds of web projects that we have successfully implemented, more than half were completed in Angular. Hire Angular Developers Trusted partner for startups and Fortune 500 companies. What … Continue reading

Credit Card Processing and SMS Billing

Diatom Enterprises is conducting development and support of Internet payment solutions with more than a million transactions per month. Why does your business need credit card processing or SMS billing? Today’s online market removes international borders and broadens possibilities for your business – accepting credit cards online or offering … Continue reading

AngularJS and Angular Development Services

AngularJS In this post we interview Dr Takhir Mamirov about his work with AngularJS during the last year. Takhir is a leader of the Angular Development Services Department in DiatomEnterprises. AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework, maintained by Google, that assists with running single-page applications. Its goal is to augment browser-based applications with model–view–controller (MVC) … Continue reading

Difference between slickgrid on Angular 1.5 and on Angular 2

Diatom Enterprises possesses several years of expertise in Angular. On one of Diatom’s recent projects, we had to explore how different versions of Angular work with grids. The task was to adapt a JavaScript data table component called SlickGrid for Angular 1.5 and Angular 2.0. SlickGrid is used for super-fast fetching and displaying 10,000 records. … Continue reading

Why to say yes to AngularJS in the admin dashboard

Almost any web project should have an admin part. Some web projects have an admin dashboard that takes nearly 50% or more of all functionality, especially in B2B projects. In such cases, it is very important to use the best approach you can to develop the dashboard. Here are the most important front-end features you … Continue reading

Flex to HTML5/AngularJS Migration Approach

Challenges of staying with Flex The cost will always be a major concern if you plan to upgrade your software to conform to up-to-date technologies to keep pace with progress. However, staying with a proprietary platform may cost your business far more than the decision to migrate. If you plan to stick with Flex your … Continue reading

HTML5/AngularJS/ReactJS Development. Migration from the existing Flash systems

What we do Development from zero Migration to latest AngularJS versions Assessment and implementation methodology Migration from Adobe Flash to AngularJS, ReactJS Professional consultation on migration and related services Key benefits of working with us Proven methodology: we have successful case studies in developing and migrating with AngularJS/HTML5. Vast experience: 12+ years of commercial software development experience. … Continue reading

A migration History: from AngularJS 1.3 to 1.5 and then 2.0

I’d like to tell the story of some of our recent experiences with a number of AngularJS version migrations across a range of different projects. It’s a brief overview of what our angular development team has experienced and the challenges we’ve encountered. Hopefully, it will help anyone walking the same road. If you’re still developing … Continue reading

Techcourses in Node.js, AngularJS and RoR

Want to learn these cutting-edge technologies? Our senior developers and experts, who have years of experience in these areas will teach you during theoretical lectures and guide you on practical lessons. What is the course content? Each course consists of a series of theoretical-practical lessons, dedicated to one of the cutting-edge technologies. You will be … Continue reading

We released iPad application for Online Training

Our developers have finished the 1st phase of iPad application and successfully submitted it into the AppStore. It allows to use the online training materials – Video, PowerPoint, Word or PDF, working with quizzes and surveys. To make it amazingly working we’ve used the AngularJS framework and it replaced the previous version developed on Flash. The application … Continue reading