We released iPad application for Online Training

Angular devs finished 1 phase of iPad app and submitted it into AppStore. It allows to use training materials: Video, PowerPoint, Word, PDF, work with quizzes and surveys

Our developers have finished the 1st phase of iPad application and successfully submitted it into the AppStore. It allows to use the online training materials – Video, PowerPoint, Word or PDF, working with quizzes and surveys.

To make it amazingly working we’ve used the AngularJS framework and it replaced the previous version developed on Flash.

The application works with online courses and media content located in


the Amason Cloud. It allows using different types of training materials in a nice and effective way. We were able to implement the animation the same way as we used to have in Flash application, but now it allows working on devices without Flash Player, like iPad.

The platform for that application based on Amazon Web Services.

As an outsourcing company, we often participate in start-ups. In 2005 we helped to develop and launched (in 2006) Document Storage portal The system allowed customers to store paper and digital files in a secure online vault. Today technology of has been acquired by another company and web site is not accessible, but…

Since July 2008 we are helping another start-up from California – the online training portal with all code and training materials are hosted on Amazon EC2. We are leveraging technologies like CloudFront, S3, Amazon RDS. It is implemented using .NET and Node.Js. RabbitMQ is used to build a distributed system based on queues and Amazon WS SDK is used for auto-scaling.

We use MongoDB to aggregate tracking data and for statistics and diagnostic of problems and GitHub for source code hosting.

Programming language: JavaScript, HTML.
Net technologies: AngularJS, GutHub, .NET, Agile Software development – Rally, Atlassian tools (FishEye, Crucible) for collaboration and development, AJAX, Statistical Analysis
Database/Application Servers: MS SQL Server 2008, ASP NET framework application on IIS, Amazon Web Services, Cloud Front S3.