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Staff augmentation has been one of the most demanded IT services in the past few years. And there are a couple of reasons for it that we will discuss today. Why choose staff augmentation services and when to choose them? Everything will be answered in the following article.

Diatom Enterprises IT Staff Augmentation

Over the last couple of decades, our team at Diatom Enterprises has provided staff augmentation services for custom software development needs all around the world. As a leading provider of staff augmentation services in Latvia, we covered a multitude of projects and we will gladly share our experience with our readers.

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What is Staff Augmentation?

Generally, staff augmentation is a process of lending other companies some of your trained personnel to help them achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. This saves a significant amount of time by completely avoiding the recruitment process for the company in need of new staff members. IT staff augmentation works by exactly the same principle, and in fact even better. Candidates for IT staff augmentation can be categorized by their skills and experience more precisely than in any other sphere, allowing you to find the best candidates for the required positions and minimize the introduction and training processes.

When to Choose IT Staff Augmentation Services?

IT Staff augmentation services work best for companies with limited resources who need to cover as much tasks as possible in the short periods of time. For example there could be a short-term project that needs to be finished in a year and there is no time to be sourcing the candidates for the positions yourself. That’s when to look for staff augmentation companies, as they can simply provide you with a list of candidates you need for the positions so you could pick them yourself based on their skills and experience. Often it could take a couple of weeks to fill up just one position on your project, but with staff augmentation providers it usually takes a couple of days to present you the first candidates, with just a slightly increased price to cover the HR department’s work.

Why Offshore Staff Augmentation?

For the United States, offshore staff augmentation offers the possibility to reduce their expenses and set up a more consistent workflow because of the price and time zone difference. For example, when a US company choses staff augmentation services in Europe, it allows to mix their own software developers with European ones and create a nearly uninterrupted workflow. That means European developers could have their shifts set up so that they start their work days just as local developers finish theirs and vice versa. Plus the rates of European developers will be two times lower than for the local US developers. This price difference presents the opportunity to, for example, hire two European senior developers instead of one local and quickly fill up the open positions even for the more advanced projects.

Our Expertise in Staff Augmentation

Over the past couple of years, our team at Diatom Enterprises has helped in multiple ambitious projects from a wide variety of industries by providing our staff augmentation services. With our help, the companies in need of software developers and various IT personnel could easily hire DevOps engineers, system architects, QA engineers, middle and senior software developers and also certified project managers and product owners.

At Diatom Enterprises we strive to deliver highest quality staff augmentation services and guarantee that our candidates perfectly fit the positions that our clients require. Make sure to find out more about our collaboration services and contact us if you find what you’ve been looking for.